Agriculture and Livestock

storage container Agriculture:

  • Agricultural interests in the Valley region of Texas use modified storage containers for migrant worker housing on farms and orchards. These portable buildings keep the migrant workers safe and comfortable while they are there for the harvest and save the land-owners the extra expense of building permanent housing that would only be used for a portion of the year.
  • Many agriculture enterprises use our containers as workshops and farm sheds to store machinery and other equipment or for keeping the barn and other permanent structures free of clutter. Our sturdy and weather-proof containers keep the contents safe, secure, and ready to use when needed.
  • Conex box farm sheds can also be used as storage to keep harvest overflow safe and out of the barn until it is ready to be sold and shipped, maximizing the value of your crop.


  • Ranches have a tremendous amount of equipment necessary for keeping up the property and the livestock, some of which is only needed during certain times of the year. When this equipment no longer fits in the barn or is getting in the way of other items, moving it to one of our storage containers can solve your problem fast and help keep you organized.
  • A portable farm shed is the perfect solution for extra workshop space that every ranch needs for repairs and other odd jobs relating to your livestock. 
  • Our containers are also frequently used to store bulk feed, freeing up your barn space. They are rodent-proof to help protect your investment until you need it for the livestock.