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Insulated Conex Container

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Jan 5, 2011
Insulated Conex Container

Styrofoam insulation in a modified shipping container

We all know by now how hot in can get in Texas.  Some people may worry that  whatever they may be storing in their conex container is going to get ruined in the brutal Texas sun.  

No need to worry, we now have a solution for you!  Insulating conex containers are one of the most popular modifications that can be done to a container, and at Falcon we have perfected the art of insulating a conex.  Here's a few reasons why insulation may be what your looking for:

  • You are storing temperature/humidity sensitive equipment
  • Vehicle storage
  • Keep perishable goods protected
  • You would like to add an AC unit and make the container into an office for a workplace

At Falcon, we use 1" foil-backed rigid foam insulation (3R rated) attached to the interior walls. We can also install paneling over the insulation, or add any other modification to the container, including and AC unit, windows, doors, etc...  Just ask, and most likely we have done it.

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