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How Conex Boxes Are Solving Problems in Your Industry

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Conex boxes have emerged as valuable resources to help companies tackle common challenges. Once considered a simple vehicle to transport freight across the ocean, Corten steel conex boxes (or shipping containers) are now highly valued for their land-based utility as portable, strong structures. Combined with a little imagination, an able manufacturer, and a flat surface, conex boxes can solve many industries’ most prevalent challenges. 

Conex boxes are helping companies tackle challenges like these and more. Once considered just an efficient vehicle to transport freight across the ocean, Corten steel conex boxes (or shipping containers) are now highly valued for their land-based utility as strong, portable structures. They’re making appearances at tradeshows, tailgates, urban farming centers, and pretty much anywhere else with a flat surface and a business need.

Here are some industry examples:

Construction Industry

Common Challenge: Lack of jobsite office

Conex Box Solution: Portable modified shipping container office

We work with construction companies often to create conex storage solutions for high-value equipment. But we’ve been building a different kind of container solution for our friends in the construction industry recently: a jobsite office

Many construction sites don’t have a dedicated work or meeting space, so foremen tend to resort to using the cab of their company truck to take calls and catch up on administrative tasks. Understandably, workers find this inefficient and uncomfortable. A conex box workspace that includes with climate control, electrical, and a spacious finished-out interior is a much better option. Plus, the box can easily be relocated as jobsites change. 

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Aerospace Industry

Common Challenge: Specialty storage for sensitive materials

Conex Box Solution: Climate-controlled conex boxes

We’ve helped companies from many industries with equipment storage solutions. But some cases call for special modifications

Our past projects for the aerospace industry often called for increased insulation for temperature-sensitive materials. In these cases, we can apply spray foam insulation to all sides of the container, even the bottom. The higher R-value of spray foam insulation has better thermal resistance, which makes it easier to control and maintain the interior temperature of the conex box. 

Manufacturing Industry

Common Challenge: Inadequate employee facilities

Conex Box Solution: Add-on bathrooms, breakrooms, and locker rooms

Whether your manufacturing facilities have worn down over time or your workforce has outgrown the traditionally built structures, inadequate facilities lead to unhappy employees. Bathrooms, breakrooms, and locker rooms are the most common culprits. 

Instead of having employees walk 10 minutes to the breakroom or wait for an unpleasant porta potty to open up, offer them a climate controlled, clean bathroom and a spacious breakroom. Customers who have implemented facility improvements like this report substantial morale boosts across their workforce. 

Energy Industry

Common Challenge: Customizable & repeatable equipment enclosures

Conex Box Solution: Scalable container designs

Our customers in the energy industry, like solar power and generator companies, require specific enclosures for their valuable and large equipment. Traditional construction is often too time-consuming and costly to create multiples of the same enclosure. Containers modified in a manufacturing environment, however, are the scalable and timely solution many of these companies are looking for. 

In the case of Taylor Power Systems, for example, we manufactured five large container generator enclosures for their 1.25-megawatt generators out of 40-foot conex boxes. When produced in a streamlined manufacturing environment, conex boxes were the perfect solution to enclose and transport their standby power products. 

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Oil & Gas Industry

Common Challenge: Rundown man camp facilities

Conex Box Solution: Durable, comfortable, and portable living spaces

Oilfield man camps are notoriously rugged. Most workers sent out to these barren areas are housed in rundown mobile homes or trailers. These structures wear down quickly with each relocation. 

Our conex box living spaces are a popular solution to improve workforce housing. Jack & Jill floor plans have full bathrooms separating spacious dual living areas. The corten steel exterior is far more durable than wood-framed trailers with siding, and the boxes are stackable for a compact footprint. In terms of longevity, conex box living spaces are far superior and can be enjoyed for 25+ years, even with frequent relocation. 

Do you see a challenge in your industry listed here? Let’s talk! Even if you don’t, conex boxes can be modified for many uses and applications. We’ll brainstorm with you how a conex box solution can work for you. Reach out to our team at 512-131-1010 or email us at

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