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Boost Employee Retention with Mobile Bathrooms: A Win-Win

Bathrooms & Locker Rooms
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Dec 2, 2020
Boost Employee Retention with Mobile Bathrooms: A Win-Win

When you think about mobile bathrooms on an industrial jobsite, construction site, or oil field, the word “unsanitary” probably comes to mind. Traditional mobile bathrooms and porta-potties often come up short in cleanliness, comfort, and accessibility, inevitably impacting employee retention and moral for the worse. Fortunately, mobile bathrooms constructed from modified shipping containers provide a solution to improve employee experience and retention.

Provide Comfort to Boost Employee Morale


When workers feel more comfortable, their workflow productivity increases. As employees feel that their employer is investing in their wellbeing, they are more motivated to get work done and stay with a company that cares for them.

Easy to Clean

Cleanliness improves the environment of a jobsite mobile bathroom and helps employees feel appreciated. Therefore, an ideal mobile bathroom should be easy to clean. Since shipping containers are easily accessible, it reduces the time to clean them. Durable modifications, like coin vinyl flooring, resist soiling and are quick to mop. Time saved cleaning also helps reduce cost, lowering cleaning related expenses for cleaning staff and sanitation services.


Privacy helps employees feel more at ease when they take breaks. To assist with improving privacy, container units can be manufactured as men’s and women’s specific, either by creating separate, stand-alone units, or by splitting a single 40-foot container into two private sections to accommodate jobsite needs. The 40-Foot Dual Gender Bathroom Container units are separated by a floor-to-ceiling wall and include separate entrances for added security.

Climate Control

Traditional mobile bathrooms are rarely equipped with heating or air conditioning, but when utilizing shipping container structures, upgrading to a climate-controlled space is often worthwhile. When modifying shipping containers into portable restrooms, adding air conditioning systems and insulation is an easy modification that creates a more comfortable space for workers.

How Shipping Container Mobile Bathrooms Benefit Your Business


Easy-to-Relocate Units Improve Access and Productivity

Mobile restrooms created from repurposed, steel shipping containers are easily relocated with a large, industrial forklift, a crane is not always required. Employee restrooms move when employees do, which means consistent, convenient access to bathroom facilities. Reduced travel time and easy access to the facilities, translates to less downtime for bathroom breaks. This can improve employee productivity and enhance an organization’s bottom line.

Security Modifications Offer Peace of Mind

Exterior doors on container structures can be equipped with secure locks or a keypad entry to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter. Similarly, you can feel confident that these bathroom units will remain protected from potential break-ins after hours. Improved security helps keep the employee space as orderly as possible by minimizing the chances for potential destruction, so the units remain private, well-kept, and clean.

Container Mobile Bathrooms: A Win-Win Solution for Employers and Employees


Providing a more desirable workplace can give employers an edge both in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Here at Falcon Structures, we can help support this goal by creating your ideal modified mobile bathroom. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities with shipping container structures give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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