Safely Administer Vaccinations with a Mobile Immunization Clinic

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Dec 18, 2020
Safely Administer Vaccinations with a Mobile Immunization Clinic

We’ve come to expect drastic changes in the health of our communities. Instead of remaining reactive as we attempt to combat viruses and disease outbreak, plan ahead with mobile immunization clinics at the ready. Your organization will be prepared to distribute vaccines where they’re needed with portable facilities, even as demands change you can rapidly re-deploy to new areas.

Proactively Prepare for a Healthier Community

In anticipation of COVID-19 vaccines and other seasonal immunizations, Falcon Structures created a Mobile Immunization Clinic to assist medical professionals, municipalities, and other vaccine administrators. If your organization plans to provide vaccinations to your community, consider the benefits of a container-based mobile immunization clinic – specially designed to improve efficiency and safety while becoming a valued and versatile structure for many years to come.

Shipping containers, modified into mobile immunization clinics, benefit any organization executing plans to provide access to vaccinations. Our mobile clinics have been designed with safety and efficiency in mind. If special requirements are needed, we can include necessary modifications to ensure your organization gets the right structure to promote improved health and safety.


Key Benefits to Falcon’s Mobile Immunization Clinics:

Mobile and Portable

The portability of modified container units allows organizations to relocate the immunization clinics as population and medical needs change. This mobility improves access to communities in rural or other difficult to reach areas, ensuring that no matter where people live, they can receive access to immunizations.

Wipeable and Easy to Clean Surfaces

Every surface in this container clinic is easy to wipe down and disinfect. We specifically designed the interior of this unit to promote cleanliness and remain the cleanest environment possible to protect patients as well as those administering vaccines.

Secure and Private

Thanks to the innate security of shipping containers, container clinics benefit from enhanced security, even after modification. The mobile clinics can be easily locked up to keep medical inventory safe when the workspace is not in use. Additionally, the privacy windows at the top of the unit help let in natural light, adding a comforting element to the space, but remain out of eyesight to maintain privacy and deter potential break-ins.


Medical Refrigeration Storage & Cabinets for PPE

The floor plan includes designated space for medical refrigeration to keep vaccines at their ideal temperature. Although we do not provide the refrigeration unit, we’ve created the space to meet your specific refrigeration needs. Additionally, we’ve included upper and lower cabinets for personal protective equipment storage - built right into the unit. This way, PPE is on hand when needed and can be locked to secure equipment.

Our Predesigned Mobile Vaccine Clinic – What’s Included?


The Mobile Immunization Clinic is available in two sizes, a 20-foot shipping container option and a 40-foot option. The 20-foot includes cabinetry at one end of the unit and a storage closet at the other with its own wall-mounted air conditioning unit. The 40-foot clinic includes two entry points into two separate clinic areas. Each area includes cabinet storage, wall mounted air conditioning, and access to a storage closet in the center of unit.

Both container clinics include washable FRP walls, coin vinyl flooring, privacy windows, and electrical plug ins. Add other modifications as needed, including portable sinks, built in counter tops, upgraded doors, and more. Furthermore, as medical needs change, you can continue to utilize these container structures as your organization sees fit. Thanks to the versatility of these units, you can repurpose them in the future to become additional storage space or even offices.


If you think these mobile immunization clinics will benefit your organization, or if you’d like to learn more about the structures, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail.

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