How Shipping Containers Outshine Trailers as Mobile Sales Offices

If your company utilizes a mobile sales office, it’s important that this structure properly reflects your brand, showcasing the very best of your company. Unfortunately, traditional office trailers can look dated and flimsy, reflecting poorly on your company. The decision to take a more modern approach, using repurposed shipping containers, gives organizations a mobile sales office that works for them without sacrificing the quality of the structure.

When manufactures transform shipping containers into mobile sales offices, it helps organizations,

  • Minimize set-up time and labor costs
  • Customize the structure to align with branding
  • Create a professional space to conduct business

Minimize Set Up Time and Labor Costs with Mobile Sales Offices


Thanks to the offsite construction and modular construction practices used when modifying shipping containers, companies save both time and money. A mobile sales office container is created, delivered, and set up efficiently.

For example, manufactures repurpose shipping containers by modifying them offsite, in a controlled facility. At offsite manufacturing facilities, laborers use the same tools and materials day in and day out, working conditions are significantly safer, and standardized practices improve the labor of the overall project. This streamlined technique, and the familiarity of the working crew, allows production to run smoothly and expectedly – saving waiting customers time and money – avoiding more unexpected delays.

Delays are easier to avoid thanks to shipping container manufacturing taking place in a controlled environment. Therefore, many difficulties – such as delays due to weather, delays due to new and unfamiliar work crews, and delays while waiting for site preparations – are more easily avoided. This helps keep laborers safe, while also reducing unexpected costs that may arise due to work at an uncontrolled, on site construction environment.

Shipping container sales offices are created nearly turnkey prior to transportation and arrival on site. Additionally, the ability to place a shipping container mobile sales office directly on flat, even ground helps speed up the installation process. Overall, shipping containers can be installed with minimal set-up required, saving significant time, and allowing companies to use their structure the day it’s delivered. All you need to do is connect electricity, water, and sewer and you’re good to go.

Customize Mobile Sales Offices with Branded Elements


A shipping container is like a blank canvas. Unlike a rented travel trailer, shipping container offices can be painted to reflect your brand. In some cases, companies opt to paint their logo or wrap the container in a branded covering, giving them greater control over the appearance of the structure.

Aside from a more eye-catching and visually appealing sales office that will attract customers, the interior can be designed specifically to the needs of your company. You will not need to find a way to make the existing interior design work for your organization, as you would with a rented travel trailer, but instead you can play a role in designing the interior.

Consider adding a sliding glass door, multiple windows, a bathroom, and maybe a kitchenette to offer customers coffee. Modified shipping containers give you control over the space to represent your company to the best of your ability.

Look Professional – Appeal to Clientele


When customers walk into mobile sales office container it looks like a modern and professional office. Depending on the decisions of the company, the painted walls and the flooring are not only chosen specifically by the company to look professional, but they add durability to the interior – with choices like epoxy coatings. Insulation, climate control, and running water help the units transform from cargo boxes into useful and impressive offices.

The exterior of the office looks unique and modern, attracting interested customers, but the durability of corten steel helps maintain a container’s appealing appearance. As a mobile shipping container office relocates over its lifetime, the structure will withstand the test of time when compared to a much flimsier travel trailer. Thanks to the impressive durability of shipping containers, a mobile sales office can last 25+ years.

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