Understand Shipping Container Design and Its Advantages

Shipping container design, sometimes called shipping container architecture or cargotecture, refers to the process of designing a building using shipping containers as modular building elements. The designer will often combine the container modules to create larger structures. These buildings can range from offices to sports stadiums and everything in between.

How Shipping Container Design Differs from Traditional Construction


Traditional construction requires all building to take place onsite, meaning construction crews will build frames, add insulation, drywall, flooring, and more, as they build the structure. These projects have a linear timeline, as site prep work must take place prior to construction. Many factors can delay the start of construction - from bad weather to access to skilled labor.

In contrast, shipping container construction – through shipping container design – offers many benefits where traditional construction tends to fall short. Specifically, the companies that opt to utilize containers in construction save money, time, and reduce hassle – as described in detail below.

3 Advantages to Shipping Container Design:

1. Stay on Budget


Shipping container buildings require significant planning, considering many of the modifications take place offsite at a manufacturing facility. This planning requires companies to make design decisions early – before the start of production. With the designs solidified prior to the first cut of corten steel, the overall project cost is also determined in advance. A clear scope, a final design, and solid budget reduces the likelihood of expensive overruns and costly mid-project changes that often plague traditional construction projects.

2. Save Time


The controlled work environment of shipping container modification manufacturing facilities creates fewer delays in the overall project. Traditional construction often faces weather issues and the challenges of many moving pieces – like new construction crews, labor shortages or unreliable construction equipment.

In a container manufacturing facility, standardized processes with consistent work crews and frequently monitored equipment combine to create an efficient work environment. Additionally, due to the offsite nature of shipping container construction and modification manufacturing, the final site can be prepared simultaneously to the container production. Offsite manufacturing drastically shortens the timeline of the overall project – so when the containers are ready for placement, the site will already be prepared for container arrival. Reducing the timeline of the project also reduces the time to revenue, allowing companies to begin working in the unit or leasing the unit quicker.

3. Reduce Hassle


Aside from experiencing a more reliable production processes, with manufacturing style consistency, shipping container design and construction helps reduce hassle in additional ways. For example, the strict quality-controlled practices set in place at shipping container manufacturing facilities allows companies to remain confident that their units will be accurately modified, minimizing the need for onsite rework. Detail oriented design teams work with you to plan your desired structure to meet your needs, so you know what to expect from the very beginning.

When done correctly, shipping container design follows all applicable building code – so you can be sure each unit of your container building is reliable, safe, and structurally sound. As each unit arrives on site, they are also easily stacked and combined thanks to their inherent portability, making container placement a simple and quick process.

Container Design with Falcon Structures

As you prepare for your shipping container structure and consider all the advantages of shipping container design, reach out to us at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We will be happy to help point you in the right direction as you design your ideal container structure.

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