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Same Floor Plan, Different Solution: The Many Uses of a 20ft Container

Oct 26, 2022
Same Floor Plan, Different Solution: The Many Uses of a 20ft Container

It’s simple—a few windows, a door, insulation, and climate control all come together to create a container-based workspace. But in the same way a kid can transform a cardboard box into a rocket ship or a castle, a 20-foot modified container office has countless possibilities. Here are a few examples from our customers.

Lyft Needed A Comfortable Waiting Room

shipping container waiting room for Lyft

When rideshare customers recently visited the Lyft office in Philadelphia, they were forced to wait outside. The existing office space (where the employees worked) only had room to hold conversations one at a time, leaving customers to the outside benches.

Lyft didn’t want to force customers to brave the hot and cold temperatures while they waited, so the team turned to Falcon and its 20-foot office floor plan. Instead of using it as a traditional office, Lyft deemed the space a customer waiting area. The branded elements, TV, and climate control create a comfortable space to ensure customer visits begin on the right foot.

Airgas Needed MCC Enclosures

Airgas MCC Equipment Enclosure

Airgas distributes industrial, medical, and specialty gases as well as various products and equipment. Due to this line of work, motor control centers (MCCs) play a large role in their products and services. MCCs often need protective enclosures that include climate control and easy access for equipment management. For Airgas, the 20-foot container office floor plan was the perfect enclosure.

Although Airgas uses each of its 20-foot containers in slightly different ways, its MCC enclosures (pictured above) simplify equipment protection and management, helping Airgas provide even better solutions to its customers.

WL Bass Construction Needed an Office

WL Bass Construction Portable shipping container Construction Office

WL Bass Construction, like many construction companies, needed a construction office. Traditionally, construction companies use travel trailers, relocating them to each new job site, but in many cases, shipping container offices offer a more durable and professional-looking solution.

The 20-foot container office is portable and durable, making it the perfect space for WL Bass Construction to manage construction projects, host meetings, complete paperwork, and oversee the work taking place.

LA Country Fire Department Needed to Observe Training

LA County Fire Dept. shipping container Observation Office

The LA Country Fire Chief wanted to add an observation room near the department’s fire training facility. With big picture windows in a durable structure, this customized 20-foot container office helps the firefighters fine-tune their training.

Viewing the fire training from a safe space with a nearly 360-degree view helps the firefighting team gain experience to help them remain safe on rescue missions.

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Need More Examples? Let’s Dive In

The above examples just scratch the surface of possible applications for 20-foot office floor plans. If you want more examples, check out what’s possible with a shipping container workspace. If you have an idea of how you’d like to use your own 20-foot container, give us a call. You can reach us by phone at 877-704-0177 or by email at sales@falconstructures.com. Let’s get your project in motion!

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