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Make Access Easy with Shipping Container Side Doors

Oct 21, 2020
Make Access Easy with Shipping Container Side Doors

Consider for a minute that your modified shipping container structure is used to store tools and machinery at your manufacturing facility. In this scenario, you need to access the contents inside the container multiple times a day, every day. The stored items include large machinery as well as small, handheld tools. You need a door large enough to unload machinery, but you could similarly benefit from a smaller door to accommodate the frequent foot traffic of those using the smaller tools.

From the example above, you can clearly see the importance of choosing the right door options as you design your modified container. Selecting the proper door for the job helps maximize the accessibility of the contents held within your container and will likely improve the efficiency of your workforce. To avoid any difficulty that may arise when placing or accessing items in a repurposed shipping container, it’s best to design your container structure according to your company’s specific needs.

The Benefit Adding Shipping Container Side Doors


Almost all shipping containers are manufactured with cargo doors at one end. These are the large doors that allow shipping companies to load and unload cargo that travels across the ocean. Thanks to the secure locking mechanisms and the large opening created by the cargo doors, they remain important assets of shipping containers, even as manufacturers repurpose the units into storage spaces or workspaces. Shipping container side doors, on the other hand, are additional doors added to the long sides of the container by manufacturers. When a company requests side doors on a modified shipping container, they may also ask for the cargo doors to remain operable – allowing the company to continue to use the doors as they were intended to be used.

Operable cargo doors make accessing larger items inside the unit easier. Although, in some instances, additional, smaller, side doors may be necessary to maximize container accessibility by providing multiple entry points.

Additional Shipping Container Side Door Options


For many companies, shipping container side doors of different sizes are a requirement. Opening the cargo doors every few hours or minutes may be cumbersome – especially when workers need to access smaller, handheld tools. In these instances, side doors like personnel doors – a door designed for frequent foot traffic – may be a necessary addition to the modified box. Here are a few examples of door options available for modified shipping container projects.

  • Operable cargo doors: Ideal for storing and accessing large items
  • Personnel doors: Ideal for frequent foot traffic and to provide access to smaller stored items
  • Double personnel door: Ideal for high levels of foot traffic, simultaneously providing entry and exit points.
  • Door with window: Ideal for improving awareness as people enter and exit the unit
  • Rollup door: Ideal for storing frequently accessed larger items

Learn more about shipping container door options here.

How to Improve Shipping Container Accessibility

Whether your organization needs to access large items infrequently, small items frequently, or a mixture of the two, multiple door options can provide the necessary access points to help your organization run smoothly.

Are you interested in learning more about your modified shipping container options? Reach out to us at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction and even help design the container structure that best suits your organization.

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