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Top 4 Industries That Benefit from Portable Storage Units

Storage Solutions
3 minute read
Oct 2, 2019
Top 4 Industries That Benefit from Portable Storage Units

Many industries find value in storage units that are easy to transport – particularly those made from shipping containers. Because shipping containers are durable, secure, and mobile by truck, forklift, and crane, they can be used again and again with confidence. While a diverse group of industries use modified shipping containers as portable storage units, this blog takes a closer look into four industry groups that benefit the most from portable storage, namely farming and agriculture, retail and restaurants, construction and manufacturing, and schools.

Portable Storage Units for Farming and Agriculture

Portable Storage for Farming and Agriculture

It may be obvious that farmers need to store items such as tools and equipment, but they also tend to store harvested crops in cold rooms and sometimes grow crops in enclosed and portable spaces. Depending on the season and the size of the operation, these stored tools and crops must be easily accessible in different locations on a single farm or plantation. The mobility and versatility of shipping container storage helps maintain an efficient workflow regardless of the season.

To aid in the changing needs of these operations, container units can be moved closer to the working areas within a larger farm or field, providing easier access to the stored items. Once these units have served their purpose and are no longer needed where they are, they can be easily picked up by a forklift and moved in preparation for the next season or off the property all together to transport the goods to market.

Portable Storage Units for Retail and Restaurants

Portable Storage for Retail and Restaurants

Businesses that have storefronts or dining areas have created their space to maximize the guest experience, yet they still need room to store and organize food, supplies, and inventory. Therefore, it’s important to have a storage facility that is both accessible and mobile.

To help keep the customer facing side of the business appealing and organized, additional storage space must often fit in a parking lot or behind a kitchen entrance – especially for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth. This has led several to turn to shipping containers as mobile and secure storage. Thanks to the modification possibilities of shipping containers, necessary insulation, climate control, and shelving can be added to keep inventory and ingredients organized and protected.

The portability of these units is helpful to larger chains by allowing them to use these units across different locations, moving them as needed. Smaller establishments, on the other hand, benefit from the additional space that allows them to grow without moving to a new brick and mortar space before they are ready. Once it’s decided that the business should relocate, they will still be able to bring their portable storage unit with them to the new location.

Portable Storage Units for Construction and Manufacturing

Portable Storage for Construction and Manufacturing

For construction and manufacturing companies that use tools and machinery on job sites or in warehouses, the security of those items must be a priority. Additionally, many of these organizations need to move their tools to different locations as new projects arise. This could be to the other side of a single facility, a couple miles down the road, or to a different city altogether. On top of the efficiency storage containers provide, they are also incredibly durable and able to better protect tools against harsh climates and theft.

Portable Storage Units for Overcrowded Schools

Portable Storage for Overcrowded Schools

For schools that find themselves overcrowded and in need of all available space, shipping containers become a great option for additional storage. Shipping containers can be modified to improve accessibility, they can keep contents safe from theft, and they can even be painted with the school colors. On top of it all, they are moveable.

A storage container can be moved near a school’s athletic facilities or around the back by the cafeteria entrance – all depending on where it’s needed the most. Additionally, if one school no longer needs the extra space, the unit can easily be picked up and moved to another school within the same district - providing much needed storage space again and again.

Out of all the industries that benefit from portable storage, this is the short list. Take a moment to consider how theme parks, oil and gas, water treatment, transportation, telecommunication, and so many other industries benefit from this type of mobile storage. Each industry could use their units many times over, for new projects and across different locations. To discover how a portable shipping container storage unit can meet the needs of your industry, check out our storage container catalog here.

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