Shipping container converted into a mobile locker room with climate control and benches.

40-foot Locker Room or Comfort Station Container

Provide workers with a convenient place to secure valuables, relax, and shower

Employees who work at remote job sites, in extreme weather, or with hazardous materials need a comfortable space to take a break, shower, and change clothes. For employers, Falcon’s turnkey, 40-foot Locker Room containers deliver the optimum solution, due to the innate durability and mobility ISO shipping containers provide.

Constructed of sturdy, 16-guage, corten steel, Falcon Structures' climate-controlled Locker Rooms and Comfort Stations are built to last, deploy quickly, and enhance employee morale.


  • Interior of shipping container converted into a locker room with plug and play lights.
  • Personnel door and light switch come standard with shipping containers converted to locker rooms.

Falcon’s turnkey locker room containers cover all the bases

Our design and engineering team created a Locker Room environment that meets our clients’ needs, especially those in the oil and gas industry. Looking for something special? Just ask. Key features and benefits of the 40ft Conex Locker Room include: 

  • Separate shower and restroom areas on opposite ends to ensure privacy.
  • Sturdy, ready-to-use lockers and benches in center locker room area, so employees can relax, recharge, and secure personal items.
  • Heavy-duty, steel construction that provides up to 25 years of useful life in any environment.
  • Quick setup and relocation, since no steps, ramps, tie downs, skirting, or foundation is required (for most applications).
  • Built-in, plug-and-play electrical and plumbing connections get your shipping container up and running fast.
  • Several employee comfort features come standard, including showers, sinks, toilets, climate control, electrical outlets, high windows for privacy, and more.

Shipping containers can be modified for locker room and comfort station applications in industries such as:

  • Oil and gas (natural gas plants, oil field job sites).
  • Construction.
  • Mining.
  • Industrial plant, chemical plant, or job site where workers could encounter hazardous materials.
  • Landscape and lawn care services.
  • Golf courses and country clubs.

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