Portable Bunkhouse or Container Cabin

Modified shipping containers provide safe and comfortable living environments in the woods, by the lake or on the go. Whether you need a portable or semi-permanent hunting cabin, or want to add a bunkhouse near an existing structure, durable, weather-resistant, shipping containers fit the bill.

Shipping containers can be modified to meet practically any living space need (sleeping, dining, bathing, restroom, electrical, climate control, storage, and more). In addition, containers are more sturdy, safe, and secure than traditional modular structures.

Check out Falcon’s standard 20-ft and 40-ft Living Space and Workspace containers to get started

20-ft or 40-ft Living Container
Choose from the open floor plan of our climate-controlled 20-ft or 40-ft Living Container, or opt for a divided space in the 40-ft configuration. The divided space includes a full bath on one side, with space on the other side for sleeping, dining (kitchenette), relaxing, storage and more.

40-ft Jack and Jill Living Container
This configuration offers many of the same elements as the standard 40-ft Living Container, but includes two private living quarters with a full bath in between.

20-ft or 40-ft Mobile Workspace Containers
Similar to Falcon’s Living Container products, our Mobile Office Containers can also be transformed into a cabin or bunkhouse. Living Space and Workspace Containers can be equipped with turnkey electric, telephone, internet hookups, climate control, plumbing, easy setup, and more

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Why choose a shipping container for your hunting cabin or bunkhouse?

  1. Secure. Constructed of 16-gauge, Corten steel (or weathering steel), no other modular structure available today is as tough to break into as a shipping container. Steel doors, deadbolt locks, and optional burglar bars keep people and valuables safe.

  1. Durable. Built to last and able to withstand the elements (rain, humidity, heat, cold, high winds, etc.) of the open sea, shipping containers offer a 25-year lifespan that is tough to beat. Modified shipping containers are rust and pest resistant too.

  1. Portable. Shipping containers are easy to transport to locations near (around your property) and far (to another hunting site or state). Choose to leave your container trailered or place it on site – it’s up to you.

  1. Utility friendly. Easily connect and disconnect your cabin or bunkhouse container to onsite utilities. Our modified containers are equipped to plug and play.

  2. Customizable. While most bunkhouse and cabin clients springboard off of our standard Living Space and Workspace products (see below), the options for customization are endless. Visit our container modification options page for inspiration.