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Multi-Level Shipping Container Offices: Stack and Combine

Posted by Stephen Shang on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 03:32 PM

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Shipping containers come in lengths of up to 53 feet, meaning that relatively large offices and living spaces can be created within a single shipping container. However, for practicality in cost and shipping, the 40-foot length is what’s typically used.  When a larger office space is needed, you can create a shipping container office using stacked Conex boxes, creating a multi-level building that fits a great deal of office space into a compact area. Multi-level shipping container offices can be equipped with numerous features to make communication and access between the various parts of the office effortless. For example, the office can be equipped with both interior and exterior stairways. This allows for travel between office spaces that mimics the functionality of traditional office buildings. While Conex boxes can be stacked, they can also be joined to create wider office spaces. The choice will depend on your business needs. For example, if you are placing your shipping container office in an environment with limited surface area, or if you would like stricter partitions between each component of the office, a multi-story office may be best. On the other hand, if you have concerns about mobility or just prefer a single-level office, you need not sacrifice space or utility. What Can a Conex Office Hold? A shipping container office can hold all the amenities that a traditional office holds, while being portable and efficient. Examples include:

  • HVAC systems to keep workers comfortable 
  • Windows to improve lighting and ventilation
  • Electricity to run copiers, computers, and other office essentials
  • Security to ensure the safety and confidentiality of important files and equipment 
  • Personnel doors for ease of access

In addition to these basic amenities, you can choose more advanced options to make your office more customized and homey if needed. For example, you might opt for a custom paint job either inside or outside of the container. Floors, lighting, and windows can all be adjusted to meet each individual company's needs, which tend to vary based on environment, budget, and personal preferences. You can choose specialized wall coverings or floor finishes, specialty shelving or cabinetry, even advanced security features.

When your office is built inside a shipping container, it can easily move from worksite to worksite, to accommodate your company's changing locations. In addition, a shipping container office can be a great investment for any small or mid-sized business.

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