5 Common Structures That Can Be Replaced by Shipping Containers

We live, work, shop, and store items in structures meant to make our lives more comfortable and organized. But did you know that many structures can be replaced with modified shipping containers? Let’s revisit the basics and take a closer look at an uncommon solution to common infrastructure needs. Keep in mind that, in many cases, businesses and builders prefer containers when they want to prioritize portability and durability.

1. A Storage Shed

shipping container storage with door open

A stick-built storage shed works well for many people, but when they want to boost security and reliability, shipping containers make a worthwhile alternative. Unlike a wood-built shed, shipping container storage units will last well over twenty-five years. They’re made of steel instead of thin wood and can be outfitted with modifications that make storage easier to access.

2. Travel Trailers for Workforce Housing

shipping container workforce housing living unit

Many of us are used to stick-built homes and apartments, but for workforce housing in remote areas, shipping container structures make the most sense. A modified container will hold all of the necessary features for a comfortable and practical living arrangement, and it’ll be easy to relocate and place on site. Thanks to the compact size of the containers, multiple units can help create a man camp, even in limited space.

3. Office Building

two story shipping container office

Take it from us—working in an office created out of stacked shipping containers is practical, comfortable, and even fun. Containers combine like building blocks, used to create both open and private spaces with interior finish styles ranging in anything from raw and industrial, to polished and traditionally refined. The best part? When it comes time to move or expand, things like deconstruction, transportation, and additions are made simple.

4. Portable Restroom

shipping container portable restroom

Sometimes a Porta Potty™ just won’t cut it and the option to construct a restroom building from the ground up doesn’t fit your budget or timeframe. Skip over the feeble and time-consuming options and opt for a modified shipping container restroom. Whether it’s for workforces, ballparks, or retail spaces, a container with plumbing, air conditioning, and private stalls makes for a durable and comfortable option to put visitors at ease.

5. Storefront

Rocket Electric shipping container storefront opening

In the retail world, advertisers know that the most tried-and-true way to sell a product is to put it where everybody can see it. Why not take advantage of the mobility and aesthetic flexibility of shipping containers to sell your products in plain view? Piggybacking off the uniqueness of a container-based storefront, you’re sure to create excitement around your products and brand.

The Possibilities with Modified Shipping Containers

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