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Help Onsite Engineers with a Combined Equipment Enclosure & Workspace

Jan 5, 2022
Help Onsite Engineers with a Combined Equipment Enclosure & Workspace

Engineers working for the military, oil and gas, and mining industries are often faced with challenges related to remote locales. In the field, engineers need mobile server rooms and secure facilities to monitor equipment and technology as well as office space to get work done. Portable field offices and equipment enclosures allow engineers to satisfy their office and storage needs, anywhere their work takes them.

Shipping containers are ideal for portable offices and storage facilities. Take it from us at Falcon – we have nearly two decades of experience designing containers to synthesize work, storage space, and equipment enclosures – helping to maximize square footage, save on transportation costs, and make access to stored materials more convenient. Modified shipping containers are easy to transport and set up, but combining storage and office space into one container, like in our Store and Work floorplan, simplifies the process even more.

shipping container store and work floor plan

We’ve designed this floorplan with well-thought-out modifications. A personnel door makes it easy for employees to access the office space. From outside the office, workers and engineers have direct access to the stored equipment through operable cargo doors. The Store and Work structure comes in two sizes, 20-foot and 40-foot, to best accommodate project needs.

What You Get in a Shipping Container Equipment Enclosure

shipping container equipment enclosure with spray foam

In terms of the equipment enclosure side of the Store and Work, remember that manufacturers designed containers to withstand trans-oceanic travel, meaning that it is highly wind and water-resistant. Additionally, containers can be equipped with added security measures like upgraded doors and security systems. Delicate and temperature-sensitive equipment will be kept in great condition with insulation and air conditioning, allowing you to control heat, cold, and humidity in extreme climates. Engineers can feel confident that the equipment will stay safe and well protected from unwanted intruders and harsh weather conditions.

What You Get in a Shipping Container Workspace

shipping container office

To make the most of the office side of the shipping container, each modified container comes with the following features:

  • Windows to allow for better lighting and air circulation.
  • Set-up for internet access.
  • Finished walls, ceilings, and flooring to create a comfortable workspace.
  • Personnel doors for easy access.
  • The opportunity to add customization if needed (such as shelving and additional windows, or even plumbing and restrooms).

Learn more about shipping container equipment enclosures, offices, and storage units to find the right fit for your organization. If you’d like to speak with a Falcon representative call us at 877-704-0177 or email us at sales@falconstructures.com. We will help you fine-tune your container plan and walk you through possible next steps.

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