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New Videos About Cargo Container Apartments and More

Sep 12, 2018
New Videos About Cargo Container Apartments and More

We’ve been adding a lot of new content to our YouTube channel lately. On top of showing innovative applications like cargo container apartments, we’ve also added videos with useful tips on shipping container ownership. Here are a few crowd favorites. (You can see all of our video content on our new video page.)

Seven Amazing Shipping Container Apartments


Cargo container apartments are going up around the world. This video takes you for a fast tour around the globe. From luxury container apartments in Phoenix to fast student housing in Amsterdam, conex construction is proving to be a lucrative venture for developers.

Shipping Container Stadium Time Lapse


See why modular construction is so fast!  It took about six months to assemble 122 of Falcon’s modified shipping containers into Fortress Obetz, a shipping container stadium. You can watch those six months in less than 30 seconds with a time lapse of the construction. 

A Field Guide to Shipping Container Types


Quickly learn the difference between one-trip and used shipping containers with our guide to shipping container types. This video will show instead of just tell you what to expect when you choose a cargo container for your next project.

Shipping Container Paint Application and Maintenance


The best type of paint to use on your container depends on your end use. Our video provides a speedy overview of your shipping container paint options plus tips on how to handle rust.

How to Open Shipping Container Doors


An oldie but a goodie! Opening the cargo doors on a shipping container can be tricky at first because of their unique locking mechanism. Our instructional video will have you opening container doors like a pro in no time.

If you’re looking for more in depth information about shipping containers, be sure to check out our guides and webinars. Our guide “What You Must Know Before Buying a Shipping Container Structure” will take you through critical practical considerations.

You can always contact us 877-704-0177 or sales@falconstructures.com if you have more questions.

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