Problems Solved by Placing a Shipping Container on Wheels

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Aug 21, 2019
Problems Solved by Placing a Shipping Container on Wheels

Falcon Structures typically recommends that customers transport their modified shipping containers using a tractor trailer, but occasionally there are cases in which towing a container on a chassis – a frame on wheels that carries the container – is the best solution. If a company plans to regularly tow their container over poorly maintained roads, or if the container needs some extra height on-site, Falcon will offer a chassis as an option. Below are two use cases in which a chassis (sometimes referred to as a shipping container trailer) was the right solution to solve a height or location challenge.

Use Case 1: Chassis Brings Equipment Storage to the Right Height

A customer wanted a place to store emergency equipment for their warehouse, which had a raised loading dock. They had hoped to locate the storage container just outside the warehouse for easy access.  However, there wasn’t ample room for it directly on the loading dock, and placing the container below the dock (at ground level) would have made it tough to respond quickly to emergencies. What they needed was portable storage that would be level with the dock, but that was not actually on the dock.


A chassis gave the storage container the additional height off the ground to be roughly flush with the loading dock. The customer simply parked the container at the edge of the warehouse, essentially turning it into an extension of the dock space. In an emergency, employees are able to run directly to the container, roll-up the overhead door, and gather the necessary equipment—no stairs are needed to reach the door. The customer also appreciates the convenience to quickly hitch and relocate the container around the warehouse when needed.

This shipping container-based storage is level with warehouse loading docks thanks to the chassisThis shipping container-based storage will be level with warehouse loading docks thanks to the chassis.

Use Case 2:Chassis Mitigates Risks of Transporting Over Rough Roads

Another customer needed temporary housing for its oil field workers at wellheads. Housing for oil field workers must be sturdy enough to be moved from location to location without suffering damage. Often, however, the roads leading into the oil fields can be as grueling as the work being done. Therefore, travel trailers and motorhomes quickly fall out of repair, making them a less than ideal solution for these locations.

Falcon provided shipping-container-based living space mounted on a chassis that can be transported and reused for decades without compromise to its structural integrity – a huge long-term savings compared to other options. This workforce housing solution also boosted worker morale.  Too often employee comfort was affected after crude, unpaved roads caused damage to climate control systems. Steel shipping containers stand up to the challenging journey and harsh climate of the oil fields.

Falcon Structures placed this container-based workforce housing unit on a chassis for frequent moves

A container-based workforce housing unit on a chassis for frequent moves.

How Are Shipping Containers on Chassis Moved from Place to Place?

Transporting a shipping container from place to place when mounted on a chassis is simple. Generally, our customers will use a six-wheel chassis with 10-ply tires and a gooseneck hitch suited for a heavy-duty pickup truck.

Side note: Most of the businesses that choose to use a chassis to relocate shipping containers have considerable resources at their disposal. As discussed in a past blog post, “Think Twice about Shipping Container Tiny Homes, Pools, and Bunkers” private individuals will likely find the costs, time and resources associated with maintaining a chassis and a truck to tow the container cumbersome. We advise careful thought and consideration for all container-based projects.

Think a chassis might make a modified shipping container even more appropriate for your next project? We’re happy to help you determine if this method of raising and/or transporting your container meets your specific functionality or location needs – just reach out with your questions! Contact us at 877-704-0177 or email at

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