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Think Inside the Box: “Shipping Containers Can be Used for What?!”


As a manufacturer of modified repurposed shipping containers, Falcon Structures has been known to Think Inside The Box®. Yes, you read that right, not outside the box – inside the box – to discover how ideas fit together while pushing creative limits in the pursuit of viable solutions. Through this process, and thanks to some awesome customers, Falcon has created some really cool projects. Here’s a collection of Falcon Structures’ most “outside the box” – “inside the box” shipping container creations.

The Ultimate Tailgate Container

Back and Grill-Side Display Tailgate Shipping Container

Back Display Tailgate Shipping Container

Birds up! Falcon Structures created the ultimate tailgate container for UTSA football super fans.

Hey Roadrunners, keep your eyes peeled for this container at your next home game.

Fortress Obetz

Falcon Structures_Fortress Obetz_Exterior_Permanent Modular

Falcon Structures Fortress Obetz Interior

Falcon Structures Fortress Obetz Interior Yoga Class

Speaking of sports fans, this three-story structure is made of 122 shipping containers and stands as the largest container-based building in the United States!

Known as Fortress Obetz, Falcon helped transform a racetrack into a space for community gatherings. It’s big enough to host the fans of their local sporting events, community festivals – and you guessed it –outdoor yoga classes.

Rocket Electrics

Rocket Electrics Grand Opening

Rocket Electrics Bikes

Back when Rocket Electrics first opened up shop, they turned to modified shipping containers for their e-bike rental business because they wanted to prioritize security, mobility, and green-building. They even added a solar panel on the roof, supplying enough power to charge the bikes without assistance from the grid.

Poolside Cabana

Shipping Container Poolside Cabana On Waterfront

Shipping Container Poolside Cabana Water Park

Ah! A pool day sounds nice doesn’t it?

This container-made poolside cabana can be found in Rock’N River Water Park, adding a fun and unique pop of color to the water park – but of course still providing protection from the sun and wind.

Water Park Concession Stand

Shipping Container Concession Stand Window

Shipping Container Concession Stand and Storage

But that wasn’t the only container Rock’N River asked Falcon to modify. This concession stand and the adjacent storage unit utilize shipping containers to make the most of the small space. The modifications included roll up doors to create easy access to stored items and waiting customers as well as insulation to protect employees on hot summer days.

Race Car Garage

Black Swan Racing Shipping Container Garage Interior

Black Swan Racing Shipping Container Garage Exterior

The Black Swan Racing team means business – and they want everyone to know it. This professional-amateur racing team wanted to make a statement by using a shipping container as a mobile car garage. Not only does the container help intimidate other teams, but it provides added security, mobility, and organization, giving Black Swan an extra leg up as they compete across the globe.

Baseball Dug Out

Shipping Container Baseball Dugout Front

Shipping Container Baseball Dugout Back

Baseball may be rooted in tradition, but who says you can’t get creative with it? A local baseball park wanted to take an alternative approach to dugouts – so they asked Falcon to use shipping containers.

These sleek but tough containers will not only stand the test of time – they will protect players as a fortified space – where teammates can come together to take down the competition.

MOUT Training Structures

Shipping Container MOUT Exterior Green Doors


Did you know MOUT training structures (shorthand for Military Operations in Urban Terrain) have been built using nothing but shipping containers? The largest MOUT training structures project ever built by Falcon used over 700 containers! These images show how realistic the finished vinyl façade looks, helping to fully immerse the soldiers in their training sessions. To learn more about how shipping containers are used for these massive projects, visit our Training Village for the Military case study.

Transportation Upgrade

Open Modified Shipping Container Front

Open Modified Shipping Container Side

This open container was built for a hardware supply company who wanted to upgrade their transportation system. Falcon worked with them to build just what they were looking for – a 14-foot container (cut down from a 20-foot container) with an easily accessible roll up door, ramp fixtures, and functioning cargo doors. Their goods are now more easily accessible and better protected.

Multi-Story Building

Shipping Container Multi-Strucuture Aerial View-2

Shipping Container Multi-Strucuture Ground View

Shipping containers can be easily stacked into multi-story buildings thanks to their structural integrity. This space functions as an office with multiple large windows, perfect for an overlooking view of the grounds below. Additionally, a bathroom and kitchenette on the lower level make the space comfortable and practical.

Mobile Greenhouse

Shipping Container Mobile Greenhouse Side View

Shipping Container Mobile Greenhouse Front View

A greenhouse on-the-go looks a bit like this. The personnel doors create easy accessibility and the outer wiring for vine growth was custom made to create the perfect mobile greenhouse that can easily fit in an urban setting where space may be limited.

Living Space

Shipping Container Living Space

Shipping Container Jack and Jill Bedroom

Who knew a shipping container could look and feel so homey? It’s true – shipping containers provide a great solution to workforce housing with different modification options for kitchen spaces, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Falcon Structures Office

Falcon Structures Main Office

Falcon Structures Offices

And of course – our personal favorite shipping container structure is our very own Falcon Structures office! We may be biased  but what can we say, we like it here!

What you see here is only a quick look into some of our more unique projects, but you’ve barely scratched the surface. To discover the many uses for shipping container structures, download our free eBook guide: 83 Uses for Modified ISO Shipping Containers.

83 Uses for ISO Shipping Containers


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