Construction Storage Containers and Site Offices 

40ft Construction Site Office with Half Bath

Why settle for anything less than what your construction team needs to work efficiently?  Falcon provides a proper place to conduct business, securely stage and store materials or even a place to work in climate-controlled comfort. Because the jobsite is constantly changing, the mobility of a storage container provides the flexibility to move them when needed - helping your team complete the job on-time and on-budget.  Falcon even provides combination storage and workspace containers. 

Construction Site Offices:

Portable buildings frequently serve as construction site offices or workshops on job sites. Having an office on-site is a time-saving and cost-effective solution.

  • Construction sites need more than just storage; they need convenient and efficient workspace on-site, too. 
  • Site offices built in custom finished conex boxes are perfect for on-site meetings, storing construction plans and office supplies, and keeping workers dry in inclement weather.
  • Buildings with electrical, phone, computer outlets, and other equipment provide the essentials of doing business in today's world of construction.

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Construction Storage:

Construction contractors use storage containers, sometimes called connex boxes, at worksites as a place for storing equipment and materials. Our boxes are ideal due to their security and ability to keep the contents safe from the weather.

  • Connex boxesare used for all types of construction storage. Use them to stage plumbing materials and electrical fixtures as well as glass, carpet, and other supplies.
  • Shipping containers are also ideal for housing generators, welding equipment, and other tools, materials, and supplies.                             
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