Open Shipping Container Office

The Open Shipping Container Office configuration provides practical workspace in a safe, climate controlled environment. This turnkey, mobile container office solution is flexible, easy to set up, and includes a secure, steel personnel door. Choose from 20ft and 40ft floor plans.

  • Maximize productivity in tough environments or quickly expand existing facilities.
  • Support for two workstations in 160 sq/ft or 320 sq/ft of secure, weather-proof and rodent-proof space.
  • Comfortable work environment with climate control and office-grade finish out.
  • Durable, heavy-duty industrial construction for long useful life.
  • Quick setup and relocation with easy electrical connection and no need for steps, ramps, tie downs, skirting or foundation.
  • Includes steel personnel door, four windows, plywood walls, insulation, HVAC unit, overhead lighting and outlets. 
  • Click below for basic shipping container specifications. 

Shipping Container Specs


  • 20ft Open Shipping Container Office Exterior
  • 20ft Open Shipping Container Office Interior
  • 20ft Open Connex Office rendering
  • 40ft Open Shipping Container Office Exterior
  • 40ft Open Shipping Container Office Interior
  • 40ft Open Container Office rendering
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20ft Open Shipping Container Office

20ft Open Office rendering

40ft Open Shipping Container Office

40ft Open Office rendering
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