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Top Business Benefits of a Shipping Container Shop

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Jan 13, 2021
Top Business Benefits of a Shipping Container Shop

Shipping container shops – whether modified into workshops for carpenters or retail shops for small business – offer many benefits to a growing business. For small companies looking to operate in a space that meets their unique needs, a container-based structure offers three major benefits. Shipping container shops are portable, customizable, and durable.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Shops



One of the most frequently discussed benefits of modified shipping containers is the portability of the units. The frame of the container allows for easy and simple relocation as needed, even after manufacturers modify the units into workspaces. The mobility of container unit will help your business relocate as needed.

If your business decides to move the shipping container shop, you can utilize the corner castings – located on the top four corners of the unit – to securely lift, move, and place a container with a crane. Depending on the weight of your modified structure, you can also use an industrial sized forklift to lift your unit. Simply pick up your shipping container shop, place it on the bed of a truck, and transport it to its new location.



Working with an experienced container manufacturer gives your business the freedom to customize a shipping container shop to your specific needs. If you’re looking to create a retail shop, a mobile bicycle shop, a carpentry workshop, or anything in between, shipping containers offer a beneficial solution.

Unique modifications including roll up doors, sliding glass doors, restrooms, kitchenettes, and more, help bring your vision to life. The customized features will help customers and employees feel comfortable and energized in the space. Learn more about the many modification options for custom shipping container structures here.



Small and growing business owners know the value of long-lasting business assets. If reliability, dependability, and durability are elements you’re seeking in a business space, modified shipping container shops can help.

The inherent durability of shipping containers allows the units to last many years. The tough exterior of containers helps work against significant wear and tear, even for container units that remain mobile. Confidently rely on the durability of a container unit to withstand frequent foot traffic, relocation, and harsh weather.

Is a Shipping Container Shop Right for Your Business?

Modified shipping containers help many organizations improve work efficiency, appeal to customers, and adapt to challenges. Learn more about the possibilities of shipping container structures by viewing our case studies, which dive into the specific ways containers directly benefit our clients. To further determine if a shipping container shop is right for your business, download our free eBook, 83 Uses for Modified Shipping Containers, or give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com to speak to a container expert.

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