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Industrial Commercial Real Estate Trends Prove Containers are the Best Choice for Your Business

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May 25, 2022
Industrial Commercial Real Estate Trends Prove Containers are the Best Choice for Your Business

The country is witnessing a shift in its economic landscape, especially when it comes to real estate. Many believe that commercial real estate is dying with many employees now working from home. Others say that commercial real estate will become increasingly more expensive. Despite the uncertainty in industrial commercial real estate trends, businesses still need to make decisions that will help them push onward. This is where shipping containers can assist as a vital resource.

Inside current industrial commercial real estate trends, the choice to use modified shipping containers as portable spaces is both operationally impactful and finically smart. We’ve seen companies abandon office buildings, but fight for more warehouse space. Inside industrial real estate—think production, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, and distribution—companies need more space, and they need it now. In fact, 2021 showed significant national real estate sales led by industrial properties (alongside apartment buildings and life science labs).

How do shipping containers play a role in industrial commercial real estate trends?

modified shipping containers in a row

Manufacturing teams modify shipping containers into a variety of structure types making versatile units. Many modified containers become portable storage spaces that organizations can relocate and repurpose for many years.

When warehouse space is limited, shipping containers are the quickest alternative to keep up with business demand. Instead of production and manufacturing companies waiting for the right storage or distribution space to become available in the right location for the right price, they can take control of their next business move by using containers.

Ordering modified shipping containers allows you the opportunity to customize the units to better fit your intended application. Additionally, you can work with your container manufacturer to design a multi-unit structure or multiple single-unit structures to create a space that matches your desired size. Finally, you can place a shipping container nearly anywhere. Next to an existing warehouse, inside a warehouse, even in a narrow lot. If you have flat, solid ground, you might not even need a pre-poured foundation for a single container unit.

If containers sound like a worthwhile idea to keep your company moving in the right direction, learn more about how containers are adaptable storage units or even how containers make scalable office solutions. Or give us a call at 877-704-0177 or send us an email at sales@falconstructures.com. We’d love to discuss your container idea in better detail.

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