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Falcon Enters the Arena as a USL Preferred Supplier

Commercial Construction
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Aug 31, 2022
Falcon Enters the Arena as a USL Preferred Supplier

Business as usual—it was another sunny day at the factory. Our production team was grinding, welding, and painting containers. Our office staff was planning, designing, and taking meetings. So, when the phone rang, we expected a customer, not United Soccer League (USL) asking us to become its Official Shipping Container-Based Structure Supplier.

We were excited to take that call and we loved all the conversations that followed. One thing led to another and by mid-July, the USL made the announcement. We were the latest addition to the USL Preferred Supplier Program. A program where members provide products and services to USL professional franchises and stadium developers, meeting the USL’s strict quality standards.

Fortress Obetz Sports Stadium

“It’s wonderful to welcome Falcon Structures to the USL Preferred Supplier Program,” said USL Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Partnerships Josh Keller. “The innovative concepts the group brings to project construction and management go hand in hand with the stadium development initiatives currently in progress across the USL landscape. We believe the ideas Falcon Structures offers will be a tremendous asset to many of our clubs” (uslsoccer.com, 2022).

Just as Josh Keller states in his quote, Falcon joined the USL Preferred Supplier Program to support the USL with container-based structures. The USL saw the potential of modified containers to assist its various leagues and teams with reliable, innovative infrastructure.

Many teams plan to build new stadiums or revamp existing stadiums and are likely to consider shipping containers, inspired by our work on Fortress Obetz, the largest container-based structure in the United States to date. Other teams have already reached out to Falcon since the announcement, looking for VIP areas, field-level fan zones, concession stands, container offices, restrooms, locker rooms, tailgating suites, and more.

shipping container tailgate suite

From the chairs in the stands to the team logo painted on the walls, every detail comes together to create the optimal fan experience. USL teams can use modified shipping containers to create many functional yet eye-catching elements that assist back-of-house operations as well as excite fans in a unique atmosphere.

We’re honored to be considered a “Best in Class” company by the USL and we can’t wait to tune in to the upcoming games.

For more information about our partnership, read the press release here. To reach out to Falcon to discuss a project, contact us at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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