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Quick Shipping Container Delivery When You Need It Most

shipping container delivery

The quicker a shipping container structure is delivered; the quicker companies can adjust to meet new and often urgent needs. Whether companies need additional office space, temporary medical facilities, or portable storage – the speed of production, delivery, and set up allow modified shipping containers to help business when they need it most.

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Thanks to a combination of offsite construction and manufacturing processes, some container modifiers, such as Falcon, produce container structures in an assembly line process. At our facility, boxes travel through several different stages:

  1. The containers begin in what we call hot work, where highly skilled welders cut and frame openings in the steel walls.
  2. Then, carpenters build the internal wall structure and if required, insulate the box.
  3. In-house electricians install outlets and light fixtures as needed. Similarly, plumbing lines may need to be installed.
  4. Windows, doors, air conditioning units, and other elements are installed in the framed openings.
  5. And finally, painters coat the exterior to protect the box from weather damage, giving the container a more appealing and polished finish.
  6. Once the box is complete, your container will arrive ready for quick and easy set up.

“How quickly will my shipping container deliver?”

How quickly will my shipping container deliver

When ordering one of our standard container floor plans, you can expect a 6-8 week lead time, although, depending on your need and our current projects, we have the ability to coordinate a timeline best suited for your organization.

Of course, heavily customized structures take longer to modify. The more unique the request, the more time the project spends in our design and engineering stages. If your structure deviates from our frequently used frames and measurements, we’ll have to slightly adjust our internal processes. In these instances, we’ll communicate the timeline upfront.

“How does the delivery speed compare to traditional construction?”

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Traditional construction requires months of onsite construction and roped off work zones. As manufacturers of modified shipping containers, Falcon benefits from offsite construction practices that allow us to build enclosed units offsite. From there, we quickly deliver shipping containers nearly turnkey ready.

“How can I ensure my container can be set up quickly and easily?”

How can I ensure my container can be set up quickly and easily

To ensure set up runs smoothly, utilize the “How to Prepare for Delivery” FAQ section of our website. If you choose to order from us, we will provide you with a pre-delivery checklist and other helpful documents to help you prepare.

If your structure requires electricity and plumbing, make sure you schedule electricians and plumbers prior to the delivery date. Additionally, you’ll need to consider whether a crane or a forklift should be used to set up your structure. This decision depends on the location and the configuration of your containers.

If You’re in a Rush, Consider Simple Modifications:

  • Crossover electrical systems for multi-unit structures. We developed this system to allow our customers to connect the modules of a multi-container building without an electrician. The connections are color and mechanically coordinated to prevent miswiring.
  • Portable hand washing sinks. These sinks include a built-in water tank system that allows it to function without traditional plumbing connections.

Multi-Container Crossover Electrical

Quick Shipping Container Delivery

As companies adjust to difficult times or periods of rapid growth, their ability to quickly receive a shipping container structure helps them meet new needs without missing a beat. Adding a medical facility to care for patients in the middle of a health crisis allows hospital staff to better serve and treat patients in a specialized space. Companies that experience unanticipated growth can receive new office space or inventory storage to help them manage increased demand without completely relocating.

Whatever your reason may be, modified shipping container structures prioritize speed without sacrificing quality. If you have questions or would like to learn more about container delivery, give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at We’re ready to get right to work, creating your ideal container structure.

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