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Falcon Structures CEO Stephen Shang will Present at the 2017 Offsite Construction Expo in Dallas

AUSTIN, TEXAS – November 13, 2017 – Falcon Structures CEO Stephen Shang will give a special presentation at the 2017 Offsite Construction Expo (OSCE). The conference will take place on November 15th at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Shang is slated to present at 9 a.m., and Falcon Structures will exhibit a trade show display at booth #303 for the duration of the conference.

The presentation, titled “Using Shipping Containers as Building Blocks,” will focus on why Mr. Shang believes shipping containers are ideal building components. The presentation will highlight the lower costs, the shorter construction time, and the environmental benefits of off-site container-based construction.

Mr. Shang would like to see shipping containers assimilate into the public consciousness as a practical building option for all structures including restaurants, offices, libraries, apartments and much more. 

“Building container-based structures off-site just makes sense. We’re assembling buildings in 40% of the time traditional construction would take, and at a lower cost. I can very clearly see a future where container-based building is on the table for every structure,” said Mr. Shang.

As a conference, the OSCE fosters discussion on offsite construction’s potential to serve building needs for all markets. A cross-cutting group of contractors, consultants, engineers, architects, and representatives from relevant stakeholders including offsite factories, transportation companies, BIM suppliers, and materials suppliers will exhibit and lead conversations on off-site construction. In addition, OSCE plans to present case studies on the expo floor every hour. 

About Falcon Structures 
Founded in 2003, Falcon Structures repurposes steel shipping containers into safe and secure living, working and storage spaces - including military training facilities, workforce housing units, jobsite offices, and more. Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms and the US Department of Defense.

Media Contact: 
Krista Short
Director of Marketing 
Falcon Structures 

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