Falcon Containers Develops Innovative Turn-Key
Work Camp Village

Austin, TX - August 16, 2012: Falcon Containers, a provider of repurposed shipping containers for a variety of uses, including work camps, announces the launch of an innovative mobile village design. In response to the need for a work force housing solution for oil companies in the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas area, Falcon Containers has developed a turnkey oil field work camp village design with varying options of layout and building function.

The use of temporary mobile work camps is crucial in supporting the growing work force in the Eagle Ford Shale drilling sites. The Eagle Ford Shale discovery is quickly becoming an important part of the revitalization of the Texas economy. The area is best known for its shale gas formations and for producing variable amounts of dry gas, wet gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), condensate and oil. An abundance of job opportunities have been created due to the need for hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” a drilling process used to stimulate wells and recover gas from sources such as coal beds and shale gas formations underground.

“We wanted to design and provide a housing solution that would be cost effective, easy to set up and easy to move,” said Stephen Shang, CEO, Falcon Containers. “The use of repurposed shipping containers in our mobile village design allows for the inclusion of unique structures for different purposes, each of which supports a comfortable living environment for these oil field work camp employees.”

Temporary work camps have been created in growing numbers to support the overwhelmingly male workforce flooding into the oil drilling Texas region. A cross between a college dormitory and a military barracks, these structures include sleeper units housing multiple bunks, dining facilities, a separate laundry and shower unit as well as a multi–purpose office, recreation or first aid facility.

“Delivery is easy and mobility is enhanced when using an ISO shipping container for these work camps,” said Mr. Shang. “They can be dropped on a concrete slab or gravel yard. With water, sewer and electrical hook up they are ready for immediate use."        

About Falcon Containers
Founded in 2003, Falcon Containers repurposes shipping containers to simplify their customers’ operations. Applications include portable storage containers, military training assets, customized conex containers, and shipping container homes. Falcon has served numerous customers in the Central Texas area and the US Department of Defense throughout the United States. More information can be found at http://www.FalconContainers.com.