Falcon Structures' CEO Stephen Shang to speak to Georgia's Industrialized Buildings Advisory Committee

Austin, TX (July 26, 2016) --

Georgia’s Industrialized Building Committee (IBAC) has invited Stephen Shang, CEO of Falcon Structures, to speak at their upcoming meeting “Tiny Homes and Shipping Containers – New Economic Development Opportunities in Georgia!” The session takes place Wednesday August 3rd, at 10am in Room 302 of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Shang will present a summary of his recent survey of the industry’s use of containers in modular construction and will address trends in the past ten years as well as take a look ahead to the next ten. He’ll review the benefits of using container-based construction, the challenges of regulatory issues and the use of ISO containers to grow a modular building business. The session provides real-world context to the imminent expansion of purpose-built, high quality container used in modular construction.

“Because of the lack of overarching regulation of the container structure industry," says Shang, "it’s important to inform, understand and learn from each state’s regulatory community." It’s an honor to be invited to speak to such an influential group in Georgia’s manufactured building industry.”

The IBAC is an eleven-member committee which advises the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs regarding rules of Georgia’s Industrialized Buildings Program. The program was established in 1976 with the purpose of establishing building construction standards for factory built housing. This committee is comprised of manufacturers, local government, and those in the construction trades and professions.

About Falcon Structures (FalconStructures.com)
Founded in 2003, Falcon Structures repurposes steel shipping containers into safe and secure living, working and storage spaces - including military training facilities, workforce housing units, jobsite offices and more. Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms and the US Department of Defense.

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