April 2013

Oil & Gas Contractors: Discover Workforce Housing and Storage Solutions for Your Extreme Working Environment 

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Modified, Steel Shipping Containers Stack Up Better Than Oil Field Alternatives 

If oil and gas were a typical industry, workforce housing and local office space would be a nonissue. We don’t often read newspaper headlines about healthcare workers, for example, who can’t find nearby apartments. Or retail coffee chains, lacking the infrastructure to distribute more lattes.  

But oil and gas is not a typical industry. In this new and exciting era of onshore production, energy sector companies face some very unique challenges—challenges that extend to their employees’ living arrangements, their drill site facilities, their pipeline construction activities, and their fleet of expensive equipment. 

Below, we’ve outlined some of the key factors affecting the country’s recent energy boom. Each one is a concern for oil and gas contractors. And each one can be solved with the use of modified, steel shipping containers for workforce housing and production site structures. 


Research, prospecting, acquisitions, permits and safety measures: there are a lot of good reasons your drill site or mining operations can’t start overnight. But construction shouldn’t be one of them. In a rapidly evolving sector, you can’t afford to wait while facilities are built up from the ground. 

Modified, steel shipping containers are already assembled as some of the world’s most durable structures. They don’t require foundations, just a level surface. And your desired modifications—windows, doors, custom features—can be added in a fraction of the time it takes to frame and construct onsite housing, offices, and storage units. 


Increased traffic on the rural back-roads surrounding gas and oil basins are becoming a serious concern in states like Texas and North Dakota. Bridging the expanses between your crews, your pipelines, and your battery sites is the surest way to prevent accidents and delays. And steel shipping containers can be plotted just about anywhere. Falcon containers are easy to transport and easy to configure once they arrive onsite. Without any compromise of structural integrity, they can be picked up and relocated when operations emerge in new locations. 

Climate Control 

Climate control is a paramount concern in oil and gas hotbeds like Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. For improved safety and productivity, crew members need comfortable retreats and living quarters. Additionally, your onsite office buildings and storage need to accommodate sensitive equipment and technology assets. 

When it comes to well-regulated worksite environments, steel shipping containers are the solution of choice for many nuclear energy companies, military agencies, and even chemical weapon manufacturers. Falcon Containers has perfected the art of climate control in mobile building design. Learn more about Falcon’s climate-control techniques and sophisticated interiors. You’ll be surprised by what’s inside. 

Weather Safety 

Many of the country’s most promising shale plays and energy-rich formations exist near bad weather zones. Hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and floods are seasonal events from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest and along America’s mountain ranges. So there’s good reason to choose solid, watertight building materials for your next production site. 

For a full report on weather-based and environmental advantages of modified, steel shipping containers, download our free white paper, Weather, Environment, and Oil & Gas Workforce Camps: 5 Reasons Your Production Team Should Choose Modified, Steel Shipping Containers

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Industry News: Innovative Oil-Field Housing

The reasons are clear for the use of modified repurposed shipping containers for oil field housing solutions and a recent development in the Eagle Ford Shale area is capitalizing on these steel structures.

A local developer David Monnich of Encinal Development is using steel shipping containers to construct three story apartments in Encinal, Texas right in the middle of the Eagle Ford Shale area. The high demand for housing in this exploding shale area has driven the development of temporary housing options for the influx of the oil field workforce coming to the area.

Monnich’s development company added insulation, framing and wiring to the containers off-site and delivered them to the Eagle Ford area to be stacked and joined creating a unique structurally sound three story apartment complex. The inherent strength of a repurposed shipping container and the standardization of their size allows for stacking and joining. This unique structure is catching the eye of many in the area and its development is contributing to the increased use of these conex boxes as the ideal housing solution for this workforce.

We have expanded on the explosion of development in the Eagle Ford Shale area in a recent blog post and the lack of housing options is well known. With the projections reported for the increase in capital spending on this shale, the need for the housing infrastructure for the expanding workforce is increasing. Modular housing with the use of repurposed shipping containers as our latest report details is a cost effective and environmentally responsible approach to providing safe and secure housing for this expanding workforce.

It is exciting news for our industry to see this development take shape and we are proud to be a part of the workforce housing solution in the Eagle Ford and other developing shale areas. Falcon Structures Oil Field Housing Solutions utilizes our modified shipping containers to create a work camp environment offering structures and accommodations for all living needs.