February 2013

Military Training Realism: Inside a Conex Box 

We invite you take the opportunity above to tour our Military Training Village and take a view into the structures both inside and out. These villages are built to provide the environment and live action theater for our armed forces to better prepare themselves upon their deployment overseas. They are comprised of repurposed shipping containers joined and often stacked to create a series of buildings that would commonly be seen in countries where our troops are deployed.

Conex boxes provide the ideal structure base to begin the development of these training villages. These 20 and 40-foot repurposed shipping containers are the perfect blank slate to begin the development of an entire training environment.

Key factors in these structures allow for flexibility in design and mobility in their placement and relocation if needed. These factors include:

Solid Structure: Repurposed shipping containers are manufactured with 16 gauge corrugated galvanized steel and are wind and watertight. These conex boxes are constructed in either a 20 or 40-foot size with standard dimensions developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Used in live fire action, these structures withstand the rigors of simulated battle for use over an extended lifespan.

Modular: The corrugated reinforced steel allows for superior strength in the entire structure. The standard dimensions combined with the inherent structure strength allow for the stacking and joining of these structures. This modular construction allows for flexibility in use and overall design of a multi-building project.

Time Saver: The use of conex boxes in the development of a Military Training Realism project shortens the project completion timeline in comparison to a site-built construction project. These repurposed shipping containers are modified through a fabrication process and then can be delivered to the training location 

The use of repurposed shipping containers in the development of Military Training Structures has been the choice for a few branches of our armed services. These structures provide a simulated façade and the ideal environment for our troops to be better prepared in their homeland to serve our country overseas. Please visit the Military Training Solutions section of our website for more information on the projects we have completed.

We made it to MacWorld/iWorld!

This showcase exposition for Apple and Mac Hardware and software vendors was the launching pad to one of the ‘Coolest Booths at MacWorld/iWorld 2013’ - a Falcon Containers modified repurposed shipping container turned tradeshow booth.

Our client, Adonit, was in search of a green, portable and cool solution for their tradeshow booth. This innovative manufacturer of iPad accessories utilized our 20 foot conex box, which Falcon transformed into a sleek, black, rolling door sided, LCD loaded display venue. This repurposed shipping container created the ideal structure to highlight the patented Jot sylus and Writer Bluetooth product line created by Adonit.

The splash that Adonit wanted for their debut was accomplished. The Boxperts at Falcon Containers were proud to ship off our previously stark, steel box in its finished format to San Francisco on January 31st. Our fabrication team worked directly with the founders of Adonit in creating a cool and innovative venue for their product line. Who would have imagined a decade ago at the beginning of Falcon Containers that our product would be utilized at one of the most renowned tech showcases in the world? Who knows where we will end up next?