May 2013

Is Your Workforce Housing Good, Fast or Cheap? 

Discover the Only Workforce Housing Option That Doesn't Make You Choose

If you had to choose between getting your next project done well, done fast, or done cheap, which would you choose? Our business is built on the premise that clients shouldn’t have to choose. And our latest guide, Creating a Living Environment inside a Shipping Container: 6 Factors to Consider, explains why shipping container homes can deliver on all three priorities—plus a long list of added features that are attracting interest from a variety of key players.

If you’re researching options in temporary housing, download the guide here.

What’s the big deal about shipping container homes? For starters, they’re portable assets that can be modified, relocated, and reused to suit your ongoing projects. At Falcon Containers, we call them “Living Boxes.” Mostly it’s a term that represents their use for onsite residences, but it also applies to shipping containers’ adaptability and long-term lifecycles.

Here’s a short list of large-scale project owners who employ our Falcon Living Box houses:

  • Military teams
  • Border patrol agencies
  • Oil, gas, and mining workforces
  • Disaster relief associations

Done Well

Unlike factory-made modular homes and traditional mobile homes, Living Boxes are already built. More specifically, they’re built from 16-gauge, marine-grade steel, so they’re stronger and more durable than just about anything else that needs to be assembled. They’re recyclable, plus easily relocated and/or modified for storage, office space, or resale. You should also read our report on the benefits of shipping container homes in extreme weather conditions.

Done Fast

Shipping container homes can be modified and deployed faster than most clients realize. Our team is adept at launching multi-container projects, outfitting shipping containers to your requirements, and seeing them installed on any flat, solid surface (no foundation required).

Done Economically

Wondering how shipping container homes stack up against mobile homes and modular units, when it comes to pricing? Contact our team for a custom quote. You’ll see that Living Boxes make sense from a budget perspective, too.


Falcon Spotlight

Falcon Living Box: A Secure Home Away from Home

One quiet, remote Texas ranch is home to precious livestock and soon a Falcon Living Box. Our client, a Texas rancher, was in need of a mobile living space that offered an almost indestructible structure with a flexible interior design and he came to Falcon for his solution.  

Farmers and land owners throughout the US who own secluded properties for use as hunting, recreation or ranching need secure structures for living and storage. These property owners are often gone for extended periods of time and require safe storage for valuables and possessions. This exact scenario brought our Texas ranching client to Falcon Structures in search of a secure place for living and storage.

A 40’ foot repurposed shipping container will provide an impenetrable structure to contain personal items and valuables. This Corten steel container with shuttered windows and doors that lock securely will have amenities providing a comfortable living space for overnight or extended day use. Insulation and dual A/C units will be installed to create a climate-controlled interior. Bathroom and shower facilities complete with a water heater will allow this Texas rancher to have all the comforts of home. The 40’ foot container allows enough interior square footage to accommodate a fully functioning kitchen, eating area and sleeping quarters.

While other structures were considered, including a metal building and a mobile home, these options did not leave our client with the peace of mind he was searching for. He wanted a structure that once locked allowed no unwanted guests. Remote landowners commonly have uninvited guests who have been known to penetrate windows and walls of buildings that lack structural integrity. With a steel-shipping container, the security of the structures’ inherent design combined with interior locking windows and locking personnel doors created our client’s Secure Home away from Home.