Falcon Structures and Sea Box Inc. Invite the Modular Building Industry "Inside the Container" for Breakout Session at World of Modular Conference, March 17-20, 2016

Austin, TX—February 24, 2016—Stephen Shang, CEO and President of Falcon Structures and Jim Brennan, Jr., CEO, President and Owner of Sea Box Inc. co-host a breakout session, What’s Next for Containers in Modular Construction at the 33rd Annual World of Modular Convention & Trade Show Conference in San Diego. The session takes place on Saturday, March 19th at 3:30 pm in the Manchester Grand Hyatt headquarters hotel. 

With the expected ICC ruling in March on the use of steel structural sub-assemblies, the cornerstone of modular steel containers used in modular building, these two leaders in the container structures industry will discuss the latest developments in the sector, outlining the market demand, features and benefits of using ISO containers in modular construction.

Stephen Shang of Falcon Structures will present a summary of his recent survey of the industry’s use of containers in modular construction and Jim Brennan will discuss specific examples of relocatable modular structures that Sea Box has deployed around the world.  Both will address trends in the past ten years, the benefits of using container-based construction, the challenges of regulatory issues and using ISO containers to grow modular building business, and what’s ahead in the next 10 years. The session provides real-world context to the imminent expansion of purpose-built, high quality container use in modular construction. The speakers will give special attention to building code issues – the challenges and opportunities as well as some potential industry solutions. Breakout session participants are encouraged to bring questions about container modular construction to the discussion.

World of Modular has provided an open forum for the modular construction industry for 30+ years., providing professionals in the modular building industry a place to network, exchange ideas, learn from experts , discuss issues and display new products. As ISO containers are poised to join the mainstream of modular construction, the Modular Building Industry’s conference provides a platform for exploring their use consistent with the MBI mission, “to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative construction practices, outreach and education to the construction community and customers.”

Stephen Shang, Falcon Structures President and CEO commented, “There's a lot of excitement and energy in the marketplace around using containers as a modular building element. This discussion is designed to further the conversation about the real potential of this new structural component." 

“This is just the beginning,” said Jim Brennan, CEO, President and Owner of Sea Box Inc. “This conversation is centered around understanding the ISO container as a steel structural sub-assembly, moving the container into the mainstream of modular construction at a high quality level not possible before. This session is intended to encourage modular builders to consider a multitude of creative and versatile applications.”

About Falcon Structures (FalconStructures.com)
Founded in 2003, Falcon Structures repurposes steel shipping containers into safe and secure living, working and storage spaces —including military training facilities, workforce housing units, jobsite offices and more. Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms and the US Department of Defense.

About Sea Box, Inc. (SeaBox.com)
Established in 1983, SEA BOX, Inc. specializes in the design, customization, and manufacturing of ISO containers, modular buildings, and related equipment for military and commercial applications. Both Sea Box and its machine shop subsidiary, The Inventors Shop, are ISO 9001 certified and headquartered in East Riverton, New Jersey.  With over 30 years of experience in providing innovative logistical solutions, Sea Box maintains offices around the globe and provides 175 Burlington County, New Jersey manufacturing jobs while continuing to secure significant US Government and commercial contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

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