Why You Should Turn to Shipping Containers for Your E-House

Can a shipping container adequately protect valuable equipment? When you compare the elements of a good e-house to the qualities of a modified shipping container, you come across a lot of similarities. In fact, using a modified container as an e-house just might be the top-of-the-line choice (while remaining cost-effective).

What’s an E-house?

An e-house most often refers to a “modular electrical house” and it describes a structure that protects various equipment. Sometimes these enclosures hold MCC equipment, switchgear equipment, or other medium and low-voltage equipment. While the companies that rely on e-houses do so for a variety of reasons, each e-house has similarities.

Nearly every e-house has the same core benefits. E-house manufacturers create the units off site, making them prefabricated and easy to transport. The modular style of an e-house acts as an alternative to a traditionally constructed electrical enclosure. The companies that opt for a prefab, mobile, module save money and set up time. Additionally, e-houses are often compact and have a smaller footprint when compared to similar traditionally constructed buildings, helping companies make better use of remaining onsite space.

40-foot shipping container e-house

Leveling Up with Shipping Containers for E-houses

One way to maximize the benefits of an e-house is to use a modified container as the structure. Companies use modified containers as comfortable offices, restrooms, and more, so using a container to protect some of your most valuable equipment is a no-brainer.

Here are three ways containers go above and beyond as e-houses:

1. They’re durable. Modified shipping containers last a long time, even when the weather is harsh. Not only does this make e-house maintenance easy but it better protects the valuable equipment inside.

For companies looking to rely on an e-house to protect equipment, for many years to come, a modified shipping container outweighs other prefabricated units.

2. They’re customizable. Working with a manufacturer will ensure a company gets the right e-house to meet specific needs. Adding more doors, additional air conditioning units, or special insulation is easy when you work with experts from the beginning of a project.

Not only can you customize a container e-house to create the best solution possible, but you can order that configuration at scale. Once a manufacturing team agrees with the design plans, they can standardize the production process to create as many e-houses as you need.

shipping container e-house with equipment

3. They’re modular. Standard e-houses are modular too, but shipping containers are designed to stack together and fit on the bed of a truck. They embody modularity.

The modular element of a shipping container e-house helps simplify transportation and is a great e-house choice for remote worksites. Manufacturers build out modified containers so setting up the unit upon arrival only takes a matter of hours.

Ready to talk to an expert? Let’s connect! We’ve created countless container-based equipment enclosures and we’re ready to help you. Reach us at 877-704-0177  or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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