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How to Reuse Modified Shipping Containers to Benefit Your Business

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Jun 23, 2021
How to Reuse Modified Shipping Containers to Benefit Your Business

Workspaces, living spaces, storage spaces, and more – manufacturers, like us here at Falcon – modify shipping containers to repurpose them from cargo boxes into a variety of structures. You can use these modified containers in many ways that help your company adapt to the evolving needs of your business. Here are a few ideas on how to reuse modified containers over the lifetime of the units.

Why Shipping Containers for Businesses?

First, let’s review why shipping containers are worth repurposing. Shipping containers are strong, durable, portable, readily available, and customizable – making them great options to reuse as modified container structures. We create a lot of these structures here at Falcon, and they can range from single, portable office units to multi-story sports stadiums.

Reusing Modified Containers to Help Businesses Over Time


Once you receive your modified container structure, you’ll likely use it for its intended purpose, but as you adapt and adjust your company to meet new demands, your plans may change in the future. When the time comes where you need additional space to accommodate more employees, more inventory, relocation, on-site renovations, or other changes, you can rely on your shipping container structure to continue to meet your needs and benefit your organization. In these instances, modified container units can evolve beyond their intended purpose to help you fill your latest need, keeping your company running smoothly.

Examples of Reusing Modified Container Structures:

Storage to office space and back


Let’s say your company needs to accommodate more employees, or maybe locate them closer to your facility or a job – you can repurpose a modified storage container into an office without sacrificing comfort or time to build an entirely new structure. If your container storage unit has insulation, air conditioning, and lighting, simply add in desk space and you’re good to go. In the future, you can convert the container back into a storage space once the job is complete or your need for storage grows.

Medical mobile clinic to storage space and back

When distributing vaccines for the flu or COVID-19, a modified shipping container acts as a great immunization clinic that can be placed anywhere to administer vaccines comfortably and effectively. Once the season for vaccinations wraps up, you can convert the container clinic into a mobile storage space to house medical supplies in a secure, temperature-regulated structure. Relocate this unit around the back of a care facility so it’s out of sight and bring it back around once vaccine season picks up again.

Remote jobsite living units to office space


When your organization needs to send employees to live near a remote jobsite so they can monitor equipment – even only temporarily – a modified shipping container can be dropped in to provide a comfortable, durable, and secure living space. Once this remote job work is complete and the living unit is no longer needed in that location, you can convert the structure into a portable office space by replacing the living furniture with office furniture. Keep the unit on-site for periodic check-ins or remove the new office unit altogether, to relocate to a less remote site, as a daily working office.

Continued Possibilities with Modified Containers

The above examples are just a few of the possibilities when it comes to reusing modified containers, giving them new life to benefit your changing business. Even multi-level container structures can be disassembled, relocated, and repurposed as smaller structures. If you see your organization benefiting from a modified container structure over the lifetime of your company – give us a call. We’d love to design a flexible unit to accommodate multiple needs in your organization. Reach a Falcon Structures container expert at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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