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Space Management Tips to Help Your Business Flourish

2 minute read
Jul 27, 2022
Space Management Tips to Help Your Business Flourish

If you work for an organization that relies on physical space, has many moving parts (think of manufacturing or production companies), or has lofty goals to expand operations, you must consider the vital role space management plays in corporate success.

Space management often makes or breaks the forward movement of a company. When thought through, proper space management helps rhythmically move workers, tools, and products through processes. When space management falls to the wayside, teams struggle to stay organized and efficient.

To better manage your space and set your company up for success, consider the following tips.

conference room with leadership team

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

You might feel the strain from poor space management, but how do you know what to change? We recommend tracking your current space management practices. Consider implementing a sign-in system for frequented spaces—such as conference rooms—to start understanding how your team regularly operates. Space planning software can also supply you with important data about inventory and workflow. Referring to measurable data gathered directly from your organization is the best way to pinpoint flaws and help you improve.

Choose solutions that can scale

To grow and expand your business, you must first scale operations. When you choose scalable solutions for your business, you’re setting your organization up to reach bigger and better goals. Many companies scale by adding software, tools, and of course infrastructure—specifically repeatable units like modified shipping containers. Our eBook, Scale Your Business Using Multiple Container Structures, details how containers can help transform businesses and space management.

modified shipping container office

Put the right people in charge of space management

When you boil it down, space management is a collection of multiple decisions, both big and small. You might need to double your facility, or simply determine where the marketing department should sit in your existing office. Make these decisions a priority by bringing a designated facility manager on board. Then, just wait and see how efficiency improves with each little decision.

“Adapt, adjust, and revise.” – Alan Alda

Everything in business is constantly changing, and you should keep changing things too. Space management isn’t about the past, it's about the future. It’s vital to integrate a regular reevaluation of space management so your team doesn’t lose out on opportunities for efficiency. Incorporate space management conversations into your yearly or bi-yearly planning. It’ll keep you moving down the path of success and remind you of the inseparable relationship between your space management and your goals.

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