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Connect Shipping Containers to Create a Large and Comfortable Space

Connect shipping containers

Did you know that you can connect shipping containers to create a large and versatile space? Any organization requiring more space than what a single shipping container has to offer, but still interested in the benefits of durable, modular, and reusable units, will benefit from combining shipping containers. Many companies choose to purchase modified shipping containers because of their smaller, more compact sizes, but other companies turn to shipping containers as an alternative to constructing buildings from the ground up. The ability to stack and combine shipping containers into larger spaces helps organizations utilize the containers without sacrificing the benefits of modular construction.

How Shipping Containers Combine Into Larger Spaces


To combine two or more shipping containers, first, an experienced container modification manufacturer cuts the openings in the sides of the containers and reinforces the openings with steel tubing. Once the cutting and framing is complete, the containers are pushed together and combined into a larger room. This is called a clear span.

Once the containers are set into position, installation crews secure the units together. This is achieved by either welding or caulking the seam after the placement of the structures. Set up crews install a threshold on the inside of the structure, which is a long silver plate placed on top of the seam in the floor. A ridge cap is placed on the roof to seal the containers together and prevent rainwater from seeping in.

Answers to Common Shipping Container Questions

Larger clear spans may require additional reinforcing columns to ensure the structure is safe and secure. Of course, if a company need to relocate the container structure later, they can separate the containers and ship them individually – often on two separate trucks – which makes transportation easy.

The Benefits of Joining Shipping Containers


Combining shipping containers helps many companies create the ideal structure they desire. The modularity of modified containers allows each individual box to receive modifications prior to transportation. At the same time, site preparations occur while the containers are modified offsite – speeding up the overall time to completion. Then, upon arrival, the containers can be unloaded and placed together as necessary.

Placing multiple containers together to become a larger space helps transform the structure into a more comfortable facility. The added space provides ample room for bathrooms, kitchens, private offices, and a common area all in one building.

Examples of Combined Shipping Containers

Military Check-in Facility


The Melrose Air Force Range needed a secure and portable check-in facility for the entrance of the range. By combining two 40-foot shipping containers, the check-in facility accommodates large groups and staff.

Now, many people can enter the structure comfortably, and the opportunity for the Air Force the detach the two containers and transport them across the range allows for a change in the gated entry point.

Observation Workspace or “Batch Plant Office”


In the aggregate industry, a batch plant office sits near the quarry, helping the Batch Manager monitor dispatched trucks. Having worked with several aggregate companies, we’ve discovered that the ideal configuration of a batch plant office includes a spacious employee break room.

We created this two-story structure by combining 20-foot containers with a clear span on the bottom level. Now, employees have a comfortable, air-conditioned space to take their lunch break.

Our Falcon Structures Office


Over the years we’ve continually expanded our Falcon office as our company has grown. We’ve taken the opportunity to try out new techniques along the way. By combining and stacking multiple containers, we’ve created a comfortable and open office while providing employees with private, individual offices. Shipping containers have allowed us to expand our facility on our own timeline, while prioritizing the comfort of our employees.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibility of connecting shipping containers to create an open space, give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email at We’d be happy to share even more projects that have utilized clear spans as well as walk you through everything you’ll need to know about the process.

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