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Your Guide to Shipping Container Lighting

Nov 9, 2022
Your Guide to Shipping Container Lighting

When it comes to modified shipping containers, lighting might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Sure, you need doors and climate control to transform a cargo box into a comfortable structure, but shipping container lighting is a vital modification that many brush past. Today, we’ll take a closer look at why lighting is important and what you can expect from this modification.

Why is Shipping Container Lighting Important?

Shipping containers don’t come with lights so manufacturing teams must add lighting when transforming containers into structures. Adding lighting—both inside and outside of the container—promotes safety.

Lighting allows people to safely manage equipment or stored items housed inside the structure. Similarly, without lighting, employees couldn’t complete office work in a container-based office or live comfortably inside their temporary workforce housing unit. Lighting helps people access modified containers that otherwise would be dangerously dark when closed and without windows.

Interior Lighting

shipping container lighting interior

Interior lighting is an important addition to any workspace, living space, or enclosure that requires frequent access. Traditionally, we install multiple 4-foot LED light fixtures depending on the size of your container, but you can also customize each box to meet your specific needs. If you envision a special lighting application—maybe lights specifically designed to promote plant growth—let us know! Let’s get your plan in motion.

Exterior Lighting

shipping container lighting exterior

Exterior lighting is important to help people safely access the container structure in the dark, which is great for container-based living or job sites that require working at night. On the other hand, exterior lighting is often an important security measure. Intruders are less likely to approach a gently lit box to avoid the risk of being seen. Consider installing security lights to add another layer of protection.

How to Install Lights in a Shipping Container

If you want to install lights in a shipping container, we strongly recommend you call an electrician. We’ve been modifying shipping containers since 2003 and we still rely on the expertise of electricians to create safe and reliable electrical connections.

One major benefit of working with an experienced container modification manufacturer is that they’ve likely built a team of expert engineers, electricians, carpenters, and welders to modify containers. If you choose to DIY your container modifications, you should understand the risk and consider building your own team of experts to remain as safe as possible.

Get in Touch with Falcon

Do you have additional questions about lighting, or do you want to discuss a specific floor plan? Let’s get on the phone or chat via email. We’re eager to create a container that works well for you. Reach a Falcon representative at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

Ultimate Guide to Modified Shipping Containers

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