Mobile modified shipping container interiors are ready to for transport.

Shipping Container-Based Construction Site Offices 

A Secure, Mobile Office Space that can Travel with the Job Site

Modified shipping containers provide mobile, comfortable and climate-controlled work space for construction businesses. Construction companies can move their office to the job-site with minimal site preparation. A more secure and durable alternative to travel trailers, 16-guage corten steel and heavy-duty personnel doors keep files and computers safe from interlopers.

Falcon Structures Offers Several Ground Level Office Space Options

Available in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes, Falcon Structures offers several standard mobile ground level office products, as well as custom shipping container solutions. Our standard solutions include open floor plans and combination office, storage, conference room, and half bath configurations.

  • Interior finishes for your shipping container ground level office are ready for transport
  • Mobile shipping container ground level offices can have windows and personnel doors.
  • Clear interior option for modified conex container office.
  • Modified shipping container offices are easy to place in construction sites. Plus they can be used for storage.


Consider a modified shipping container for:

  • Ground level office space with plug-and-play electricals for computer work.
  • Combination work and storage space.
  • Conference room.
  • Employee break room.

Why Choose a Container-Based Ground Level Office for Your Construction Business:

Falcon Structures' mobile construction offices offer several distinct advantages over traditional modular buildings including:

  • Safe and Secure. Steel construction and sturdy doors for superior security of personnel and property.
  • Weather Resistance. Shipping container roofs keep rain and snow out.
  • Durable.Shipping containers retain thier value for decades.
  • Fast Deployment. When conditions permit, customers can place shipping containers directly on the ground without a foundation.
  • Turnkey. Plug and play electrical and plumbing components included.
  • Built-in Mobility. Easy to relocate around a job site or cross-country.
  • Reliable Comfort. Climate control systems keep work space comfortable.
  • Customizable. Half-bath upgrade and other options available.

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