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Mobile Field Office

Increase comfort, while saving time and money on the job site

For optimum durability, security, and comfort, modified ISO shipping containers lead the pack in field office applications. Constructed of 16-gauge Corten steel, shipping containers are built to last and can be tailored to meet a variety of storage, workspace, and personnel needs.

Shipping containers are ideal for most field office applications

Available in 20-ft and 40-ft sizes, Falcon offers several standard mobile field office products, as well as custom shipping container solutions. Our standard solutions include open floor plans and combination office, storage, conference room, and half bath configurations.

Visit our Mobile Container Office Products page to review floor plans and learn more about standard features.

Consider a modified shipping container for field office applications such as:

  • Traditional or supplemental office space.
  • Private meeting space or conference room.
  • Dual office setup with half bath.
  • Combination work/utility/storage space.
  • Combination office and climate-controlled storage.
  • Contractor support or human resources office.
  • Mobile restroom.
  • Employee locker room or break room.
  • Mobile I.T. office.
  • Nurse’s office or infirmary.
  • Your one-of-a-kind mobile field office application.

You can choose from our standard mobile office configurations, then add your choice of Falcon’s shipping container options. Check out our popular container modification options here.  

Or, if your application is unique, reach out to our team for help. We can create a custom field office container solution for you. 5 Easy Steps to Designing Your Modified Shipping Container

Shipping container field offices: sturdy, secure and easy to deploy

Falcon’s mobile field offices offer several distinct advantages over traditional modular buildings, such as:

Safe and Secure. Steel construction and sturdy doors for superior security of personnel and property, plus innate resistance to fire, weather, and pests.
Durable. Twenty-five year lifespan on average with minimal maintenance needed.
Fast. Simplified setup due to built-in foundation. No onsite pre-installation prep work, special ramps, skirting, or stairs required.
Turnkey. Plug and play electrical and plumbing components included.
Built-in Mobility. Easy to relocate around a job site or cross-country.
Reliable Comfort. Climate control systems suitable for extreme weather conditions.
Customizable. Half-bath upgrade and other options available.

While most field office clients opt for one of our standard mobile office configurations, Falcon can customize shipping containers to meet practically any need.

Visit our Mobile Container Office Products page to review floor plans and learn more about standard feature