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Shipping Container Offices and Workspace Possibilities

Shipping container offices and workspaces allow companies to customize portable and durable containers into office units, vehicle checkpoints, community centers, ticket booths, and more. No matter the kind of workspace your organization requires, you can rely on modified shipping containers to benefit your business.


Create Standalone Office Space

Utilize a portable office container to create standalone office space. A mobile shipping container unit benefits field operations by offering a secure, climate controlled, portable, and durable office for personnel.


Construction Site Field Office


Construction managers often benefit from construction site shipping container offices due to the ease of office placement as well as added security and privacy. Construction companies can move their office to the job-site with minimal site preparation. A more secure and durable alternative to travel trailers, 16-gauge, corten steel containers keep files and computers safe.

We Expanded Our Shipping Container Office and You Can Too

Add Additional Workspace to Your Facility

Modified, repurposed container structures offer workspace solutions when space and time are limited. Create additional space to help your organization grow and improve internal processes with the use of shipping containers.

Warehouse Office

WorkspaceIt can be challenging for warehouse managers to complete administrative tasks amid loud and distracting warehouse activity. An insulated shipping container office is a fast way to create a quiet, climate-controlled modular warehouse office for meetings, paperwork, and email. On top of creating a quiet space for administration, ground level container offices are an ideal space to host visitors. With polished interior finishes, container offices demonstrate the professionalism of your operation as you handle business with partners and customers.


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