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4 Outside the Box Buildings Made Out of Shipping Containers

yoga class inside a shipping container sports stadium

Over the past decade, buildings made out of shipping containers have grown in popularity. Today, there are countless container-based buildings that not only look cool but also stand as essential structures for the many interesting organizations. Here are a few of our favorite buildings made out of shipping containers to date:

  1. Sports stadium
  2. Multi-story workspace
  3. Military training village
  4. Community center

The growing use of shipping containers as building elements not only creates an interesting and industrial look, but it comes with benefits like durability and simplified on-site setup. The benefits of modular, offsite construction influence many of our customers to choose containers over traditional construction.

Shipping Container Commercial Buildings

1.)   Fortress Obetz Sports Stadium

areal view of shipping container sports stadium Fortress Obetz

The Village of Obetz, near Columbus, Ohio wanted to create a stadium that could host sporting events and festivals, as well as a place that engaged the community. They wanted to host a professional lacrosse game less than a year from the time they came up with the idea and a project deadline that short could only be met through modular construction.

The time from final drawings to the start of installation was a short two and a half months. Even before the Village of Obetz poured the foundation, Falcon Structures constructed the modules for Fortress Obetz. Once the containers arrived on-site, the installation was simple enough for Falcon and local contractors to assemble 122 containers in 10 working days spread over a few months.

Shipping Container Workspaces

2.)   2-Story Observation Workspace

construction worker secures three shipping containers combined and stacked into an office

Brauntex Materials, Inc., a materials and aggregate company, needed both a workspace to overlook the quarry and a breakroom area for drivers picking up loads. Shipping containers helped get Brauntex everything it needed in one structure.

Falcon modified the top-level 20-foot container as an office space with a private bathroom, giving the Batch Plant Manager large windows and a view that overlooks the grounds below. The bottom level combines two 20-foot containers into a larger space that includes a kitchenette, a break room area, and an additional bathroom for drivers. The shipping containers were stacked and combined in less than six hours by a crane. The inherent durability and portability of the units will help the structure last for many years to come, even allowing for the potential to relocate the structure as Brauntex evolves.

Shipping Container Training Facilities

3.)   MOUT Military Training Village

shipping container military training village MOUT with military vehicles driving on the road

The US Air Force needed a Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training facility that was realistic looking, quick to set up, and cost-effective. The MOUT facility was needed to properly train soldiers as soon as possible, without going over budget. So, they sent out a bid for a shipping container-based MOUT facility.

Falcon stepped up and created a mock container village. The entire project included doors, walls, and windows to replicate homes and businesses like the ones the troops would see on deployment. The use of containers makes the entire village easy to reconfigure, helping the US Air Force create countless scenarios. Not to mention, Falcon completed the container modifications faster than a stick-built structure could have been constructed.

Shipping Container-Based Community Spaces

4.)   East Ashland Community Center

shipping container East Ashland neighborhood Community Center with Unity Center signage

Community members and officials from the city of Ashland, Kentucky wanted to help uplift their deteriorating neighborhood. So, they chose to create a community center that included resources for the neighborhood and acted as a police substation.

Falcon modified three 40-foot shipping containers with private office space, bathroom, and kitchen. The use of shipping containers allowed the center to fit within the narrow plot of land the city was working with and in the future, the city can easily relocate the center by disassembling the containers if needed. Ultimately, the East Ashland Community Center has become a symbol of pride for the community, helping to bring the neighborhood together by bridging the gap between community leaders and citizens.

Buildings made out of shipping containers are full of possibilities. Container structures are customizable, easy to relocate, time-efficient, often cost-effective, and they stand as some of the most important structures to organizations and municipalities. If you’d like to learn more about what’s possible with multi-container structures, or if your organization has a project on the horizon, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Let’s get your container project in motion!

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