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Benefits of Repurposing & Modifying Shipping Containers

Versatile Workspace, Living Space, Industrial Enclosures, and Storage Space for Any Organization

Modified shipping containers offer a number of important advantages for businesses, municipal, government, military, and other organizations looking for flexible workspace, comfortable and portable living space, secure storage capacity, and other uses.

Foremost on that list of advantages are unparalleled durability, mobility, and flexibility. The 16-gauge corten steel walls of shipping container structures protect assets against theft, rodents, and weather. Built-in forklift pockets and crane-ready corner castings make relocation simple – and container structures often require no foundation thanks to the support of their steel floors.

These and other features, together with extensive customization opportunities, make modified shipping containers a low-maintenance, cost-effective option for storage, offices, workforce housing, industrial equipment shelters, and dozens of other uses.

Workspace Using Modified Shipping Containers

Repurposed shipping containers are the ideal turnkey solution for a variety of demanding workspace needs. These highly flexible modular structures are put to work by industries of all types that need to relieve space constraints. Containers add functional, comfortable meeting and office spaces to their work sites. Some businesses even use shipping containers – custom-painted to reflect their unique brands – as building components for their retail or commercial locations.

Container office interior with desk
Lockheed Martin container office interior


An Office That Can Travel By Plane



When used for these purposes, shipping containers can be outfitted with climate controls, with electricity and appropriate outlets, and with a number of home-like features to enhance worker comfort – and boost productivity. Several configurations even include a half bath or full bath upgrade for added convenience.

Many organizations also use repurposed shipping containers to house entire locker rooms, with modifications that ensure a water-tight, weather-proof space that can be fully plumbed and wired for electricity.

Dual gender bathroom

Shipping Container Restrooms


Locker room storage container

Living Space Using Modified Shipping Containers

Efficient and easy to deploy, container-based housing units provide an industrial solution in which workers are both comfortable and safe. Constructed of durable corten steel, these modular structures stand up to extreme weather. They’re so tough that many industries (like Oil & Gas) deploy them to some of the harshest locations on the planet, where modern conveniences and basic infrastructures are entirely lacking.

All of our products include climate control, fast and convenient plumbing and electrical connections, and home-like features that allow occupants to relax and get much-needed sleep. Options include convenient kitchenettes to make the structures even more functional for workers.

How do repurposed shipping containers compare to traditional mobile homes used for the same purposes? Mobile homes often leak under heavy snow loads, and climate control systems in these relatively weak structures often struggle to function in high temperatures. When it comes to cost, modified shipping containers are competitive with mobile homes, but containers become even more cost-effective when lower operation and maintenance costs are factored into the equation.

Kitchenette Jack and Jill living container
Border Patrol Housing Exterior


Border Patrol Housing



Storage Using Modified Shipping Containers

No matter the type of assets it's storing, an organization’s primary concern is protecting their investment from theft, damage, and the effects of weather. There’s no solution more effective than modified shipping containers.

Portable and easy to relocate, shipping containers provide secure, configurable short- and long-term storage needs for everything from perishable goods and important documents to valuable equipment, overstock/extra inventory, and supplies.

Climate controlled storage container

These structures are designed to stand up to even the most extreme weather, keeping rain, dust and even rodents from compromising their contents. They can be configured to include climate controls for added protection against cold, heat, and moisture, all of which can damage or destroy even heavy equipment.

Construction storage

Constructed of durable corten steel and finished with marine-grade wood flooring, repurposed shipping containers are easily accessed (they can be configured with a number of door types) and can be easily moved to a new location without compromising their structural integrity. This is especially important on construction job sites and farms, where equipment must be moved frequently.

Storage container with overhead doors

Industrial Applications & Enclosures Using Modified Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers are the best choice for a number of industrial storage, space, and usage needs. In these applications, shipping containers protect assets from weather and theft, and can be outfitted with electrical, phone and computer outlets to provide the ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Constructed of heavy-duty, corrugated steel, repurposed shipping containers stand up to severe weather, resist pests, and are easy to install – and can be relocated indefinitely.

UPS equipment enclosure container
modular equipment shelters for UPS systems


Modular Equipment Shelters for UPS Systems


Pipeline monitoring containers
audio electronics shelter container
BHS equipment enclosure exterior


Prefabricated Shelters for Audio Equipment


IT control room

First Responder & Military Training Using Modified Shipping Containers

Law enforcement and firefighting departments use shipping containers to create scalable training facilities for everything from medical response to SWAT team preparation. Containers are even tough enough to be burned repeatedly for firefighter search and rescue training.

pb20 pt10

The U.S. military relies on modified shipping containers for a number of strategic initiatives because of their flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness. The U.S. Air Force, for example, uses these structures to create mock training villages. Their steel walls can handle action-intense trainings, and realistic finishes create deep training exercise immersion. Shipping containers also serve as fast-deploying barracks and offices, providing comfort and functionality needed to keep teams motivated and productive.

The standardization of ISO shipping containers makes replicating approved designs simple and cost-effective.

Military training container village

Modified Shipping Container Mock Village for Military Training



Multi-Container Buildings & Structures Using Modified Shipping Containers 

You know that a single modified shipping container offers incredible flexibility when used for storage, housing, workspace and training facilities. Imagine, then, what multiple connected shipping containers can do!

When multiple shipping containers are designed and installed to function as a cohesive, integrated structure, they serve as highly functional housing, operational centers, schoolrooms, retail outlets, and many more. The ability to customize is nearly endless and can be designed with doorways, windows, stairways, walls, and floors that align with very unique needs.

The U.S. and local governments use multi-container structures to serve as temporary or long-term disaster relief command centers and temporary housing, providing safe, protected spaces for workers and residents.

Container housing

Municipalities and school districts take advantage of the mobility of shipping containers to add much-needed classroom capacity and community meeting/gathering spaces.

Multi-container student housing

Repurposed shipping containers are considered a green resource, too. Because a large portion of the structure is recycled, the impact on the environment and our natural resources is less than if you were to build “from the ground up.”

Rocket Electrics container

Learn More About Our Modification Options or Request a Quote

At Falcon, each shipping container application is unique and therefore we understand that you may have unique requirements - from extra windows and doors, to paint and flooring.

Take any of our existing floor plans and add additional modifications like concession windows, utility ports, built-in desk space, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re always happy to consult with you on custom modifications for your containerized solution.